Jun 092015

My new vegetable garden hubby planted for me. All I had to do was point! Isn’t he the best!

My granddaughter Brianna graduated Middle School… it use to be called grammar school. When did that change? hmmm… My daughter Tricia (NightOwlmama), Bri and NaNee (that’s me). hehe So proud of my pretty girl!!! Yes, she’s taller than both of us… When did that happen? hmmm


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  8 Responses to “Springtime is Here! WW”


    Looks like your gonna be busy with your new veg garden 🙂
    That’s a nice photo of you and your family below congrats to Brianna from me 🙂

    Have a carrottastic week Marie 🙂


    Your husband is indeed the best. If all you have to do it point and he does the rest. That rocks.

    Congratulations on your granddaughters graduation.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺


    Congrats to your granddaughter! Now high school awaits.

    Love your garden. It’s so interesting looking at a garden without a fence around it. We have cooking pumpkins fenced up. They are looking weird. I didn’t think that pumpkins got half orange and stayed half green. They are starting to look like ornamental gourds. Wouldn’t be the first time that we got something different in the seed package than what was on the cover.


    Congratulations for your granddaughter, yes when did grammar school change? Not sure they even teach grammar anymore. Love your garden, Im working on mine.

    Have a great day!


    I never got the terminology school use in our area. I mean what is middle school? I would think might be grades 5-8, but I don’t know. If so, that’s more of what I knew as Junior High. It’s craziness, I tell you. It looks like your granddaughter is old enough to start high school. What grade is she going to in the new school year? All three of my children out grew me. My son actually towers over me at 6’4′! I feel like a shrimp next to him. lol Happy #WW!


    Aernt husbands the best! We dont have a garden but we have potted plants courtesy of the hubby as well =)


    Yeah hubby!! I would love to have a vegetable garden. maybe one year I will get my own to make a raised bed for me. Happy gardening!
    and congrats to your grand daughter! my 10 year old son is almost taller than me. pretty sure by the end of summer, I will be eye to eye with him.

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