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How to win the hearts of your friends with stylish Italian gift boxes?
I hate running around the last minute trying to find a box my gift will fit in and then do I have enough wrapping to fit the box.  Is it cute enough, does it look old or used?  Nope, not good enough they’ll talk about me.  Ahhhhh Geeezzzzzz  Well, check out these wonderfully designed bags & you will instantly win the hearts of your friends or relatives with these gift boxes in stylish Italian design & they’ll be asking you, “Where did you get these?”  Pack your gifts quickly & with ease.  No more nerve attacks! The gift boxes are available in classical red and are easily foldable and stable.  Gives me goosebumps just to think NO MORE CASE OF THE NERVES & they’re great!   They can easily be reused when handled carefully & still look brand spankin’ new!  Is that cool or what? This makes them a very cost-effective and environmentally friendly packaging alternative… don’t ya think?  I’m really liking these and seriously thinking about getting some more!

Ideal Size
The measurements of the gift boxes are ideally suited for the stylish packaging of your gifts such as sweets, chocolates (truffles, cookies, etc.) but are also perfect for gifts such as books, jewelry, ties, scarfs and many more. Therefore, you have the ideal packaging solution for many different gift-giving occasions like Santa Claus, Christmas, Valentine`s Day, Thanksgiving, weddings, or when you want to give presents to neighbors, employees, friends and many others.

Now first of all just look at these boxes.  They’re study and very classy with their design. 

For example:  their special design, the rich colors like this red here for example, and the high-quality finish create a very classic unique packaging, while the strong cardboard quality provides high stability.  Especially ideal for small to medium size gifts.

So if you have these you’re now able to pack presents, and use your creative senses, fast and stylishly!  Don’t you think?  Well, I certainly do.

So, as you can see here packaging will be so easy for you, and the handling of your present when you’re trying to get it into your most stylish box with the creative design and its uncomplicated folding together it will allow a quick way to get perfection of your present!  Why people are probably going to ask you if you had it wrapped special at the store!!!!

* Distinctive design and colors will make your present very special
* Easy and quick to fold so you save time and therefore money
* The ideal size for smaller gifts
* Strong cardboard and stable finish, can be reused several times
* Environmentally friendly, easy to recycle, stack and store in a space-saving way
* Size: 6.3 x 9 x 2.6 inches
* Number of items: 12

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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product at no cost to me for my honest opinion.

  3 Responses to “12 #premiumgiftboxes; designed and produced in Italy Review”


    I really like the look of these. They are boxes, but they look like gift bags. I really don’t like gift bags as I don’t then they add to the surprise of the gift. You can see into those, and these you can’t.


    These look really cool! You really do love red, don’t you! I love when I get re-usable wrappings, packages, and boxes as gifts! I turn around and can re-use them. What a nice gift presentation!


    these are nice bags. look a lot better than what i use right now.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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