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 Hi!  Check out my new socks!  You will not believe these socks.  They feel like sponge, but they’re not!  They  have silver content which eliminates feet odor, conduct sweat and keep feet dry.  Seamless toe closure secures maximum softness and eliminates abrasion.  Now, due to “Y” shaped deep heel pocket and elastic bands the socks do not slide down.  Is that cool or what?  Athletic Silver Socks, high quality, Antibacterial, Antifungal, and odor free. Anatomical Left and Right foot design enhances fit, and also has a very comfortable non-compressive top and people like me can really appreciate that considering I do contain water and people who contain water other socks feel like a rubberband after a while and these don’t.  They’re quite comfortable all day.

Are these socks really odor-free?

These socks have properties of an odor-free deodorant – they prevent bad smell when worn, and I don’t know about you, but when I’ve been walking the dog around the park and I come back those two feet at the end of my legs are pretty hot and sweaty you would think.  WRONG!  Actually I’m quite comfortable.

It is a unique solution allowing efficient antibacterial and antifungal action of the socks. Those properties are achieved by usage of special yarns with silver ion content and permanent inclusion of a special finish, licensed by the Swiss company Sanitized, in the sock fibres. The license can be granted only to a manufacturer that ensures the highest quality of the manufacturing process.


These socks absorbs shocks and protects sensitive areas of feet and ankles against abrasions and injuries. Additionally it keeps your feet warm, BUT yet comfortable.  I have a few problems with my feet in that I do have scars on my lower calf and near my ankles therefore I have to constantly put cream on them so they won’t dry out.  They also are numb in the morning and occasionally throughout the day.  I’ve noticed that these socks to help my circulation and to keep the warmth and the feeling.  They totally prevent my feet from feeling cold.


What is the best way to wash them?

The company recommends washing at 40°C, and not using any fabric softener. Softeners form a kind of barrier between the skin and the material, deteriorating the “dry foot” effect.   As other socks, they shouldn’t be ironed or chemically treated.  So there ya go!  Would you like to try a pair?  Cool!  Just enter the rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!  WOO HOO!  I’m likin’ mine, and I hope you like yours too!  

So you want a pair?  Now you know you do!  Just enter below!  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!


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