Jun 162015
 First of all not sure if I’ll be around today, but maybe later this evening.  I’m headed into the hospital to get knocked out for my final shot, and then no pain for a whole year (I hope)~!  Fingers crossed!  Woo Hoo!  Soooooooo I’ll be back you guys so leave me some comments and a place to come see you!  HUGS TO ALL AND HAVE A GREAT DAY!
Winner's Circle Gig 006

Me & my gal friends partying! Woo Hoo


Greatest picnic/party ever and the band was “We Ain’t Right” (my Hubby)!!! Woo Hoo

“We Ain’t Right Band”

The “Hubby”!

Curious as a CathyBE THERE TODAY
Stacy Uncorked
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Xmas Dolly — Where it’s like Christmas E

  9 Responses to “Springtime is now & Summer is almost here! WW”


    Aww looks like a cool gig! Lovely photos =)


    My dear friend, Marie! I hope this shot fixes you up real good for the next year. I know you’re in so much pain and I pray this is the fix….even if it’s temporary. Looks like you’re enjoying yourself with your friends in these photos. Good times and memories make for great reflecting!

    Would love to have you join my #WW linky party here!


    I hope the shots sort you out Marie 🙂

    Loved your photos looked like you all had a good time 🙂

    Have a picnictastic week 🙂 …


    Looks like a wonderful celebration!


    Looks like you all had some great fun – especially Dave!

    I have my fingers crossed that this last shot will give you the relief you need. Good luck today!


      THANK YOU ALL! HOME NOW, BUT HEADING FOR A NAP! Be back later & I’m doing fine right now, but all doped up and numb in unmentionable places. hehehe !!! LOVE YOU ALL! HUGS AND THANKS FOR THE GOOD WISHES! I’LL HOP AROUND SOON AS I GET UP!


    Hope that the shot does it job. Good luck.


    Hope everything went well with the shot.
    We’ve been around a hundred degrees this week. Summer is here.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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