Jun 192015

Hey that’s me at 3 yrs. old & no not telling you the year that would spoil everything… ~snicker~ 1979- 3rd Child


This is me and my daughter, and I’m holding my granddaughter who just graduated middle school & she’s having her Graduation Party tomorrow! Time sure flies when you’re having fun! October, 2001 🙂

We’re still going with anything goes at Friendship Friday, so let’s have some fun!

NO LINKY!  Not enough people stopping by on Friday so if you have the need to say something do it in a comment.  I’ll come visit you ASAP, but I have to know where you’re at & that you were here!  THANKS!

Now this is a very old song by Patti Page & it comes from her show.  I remember my Mama watched it faithfully.  Opening tune “It’s a Good Day”!  I’m going to say this was back in the 40’s/50’s!  Sure brings back memories of my mama!  🙂  Have a great day everyone!  🙂


 Don’t forget “Monday’s Music Moves Me” to rock & roll with us & “Show Off Tuesday” to add all your reviews & give-aways next week & CHECK OUT MY GIVE-AWAYS in my side-bar!  See ya then!


  2 Responses to “Flashback Friday! Let’s be Friends!”


    I don’t believe I heard of Patti Page before now, but she had an amazing voice. Have a good weekend and I hope you’ll stop by to read Meet my grandparents, Part V on Curious as a Cathy!


    She was so cute as a little baby, and graduating from Middle School now off to High School. Oh the time does fly.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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