Jun 242015

The storm we had knocked a huge branch off the tree across the street. Such a shame!!! I must say though Mother Nature was ticked! It came down in buckets!!!

Isn’t that the most prettiest evening sky you’ve ever seen? And this is where I live… man, I’m glad I moved out here and got out of the city!!!

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  8 Responses to “It’s Summer!! WW”


    Your area looks really leafy and lovely even with a tree down & when it’s been raining, what a difference to here in central London.

    Have a wettastic week …:-)


    Love the colors in the second photo. Prettiest indeed!


    lovely! the fresh green and the painted sky – blessed for sure!


    What a beautiful shot of the sky!!!!! And I am kind over the rain this year, it has been ongoing and while my grass LOVES it, I do not.


    Rain, so needed in my part of the world. Very nice. Hope everybody is ok after the storm.


    Rain…how I love rain – and I live in a blasted hot dry desert. I hate that we got stuck here, but I couldn’t let my grandmother get locked up in an old folks home. After she passed, we were offered a cheap house, and decided to stay for a while. It’s been way too long. At least we don’t have the smoke from the latest fire here in SoCal anymore. The wind shifted.


    I love summer even if it rains.



    Glad you are safe.
    We had a very bad storm here last night that knocked out power too.

    Happy WW

Thanks for the lovely comment!