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Suspense Magazine

by John Raab

on tour June 1-30, 2015

Guest Post: John Raab, CEO and Publisher of Suspense Magazine

I totally love mysteries, and the only that I love more than mysteries are thrillers, and this is a Thriller Festival all in one!!!  The short stories will thrill you while they intrigue you with suspense and chills, and wonderment!  I’m very pleased to welcome John Raab, CEO and Publisher of Suspense Magazine!   


Suspense Magazine is an all digital magazine that was founded in 2007, and yes there’s an actual interview of John Raab, CEO himself and Publisher of the Suspense Magazine.  They publish short stories, interviews, exclusive excerpts, articles and more. They have also in the past published alternate endings to very popular books, IE: Sara Paretsky’s book Critical Mass.

“Suspense Magazine is has fiction, wonderful intriguing artwork that you will stare at forever like me. It’s one of those, “how did they do that?”  The interviews are absolutely the best! –Tess Gerritsen, International Bestselling Author.

Now you may thing the actual story is there, but it is not.  What is there is…. well look if you wanted a book, but you didn’t know exactly what you wanted this is the magazine to get because it not only tells you about the book, story and the author, but it actually gives you a very good opinion about it.  Here take this one for example:


Okay, now they’re going to tell you about a story from each and about them too.

I have to admit out of all the short wonderful stories and outlines in this magazine THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT By E.J. Copperman was my absolute favorite, and has me totally at wits end because I need to know what comes next.  Oh my goodness the intrigue… the suspense is killingme.  I’ve got to get this book.  Here…

THE THRILL OF THE HAUNT By E.J. Copperman Copperman brings us another Haunted Guesthouse Mystery in the series. When I saw it come in, I snatched it up, eager to read more of Alison (live guesthouse owner), Paul, and Maxie’s (dead guesthouse residents) latest excursions. Just as “Chance of a Ghost” did, “The Thrill of the Haunt” entertained and kept me reading (even when I should have been working—please don’t tell my boss). Alison owns a guesthouse in which ghosts Paul and Maxie are stuck. Well, Paul is; Maxie finally found the ability to travel outside the house. Because Paul was a private investigator before he died, he has since enticed (coerced is more the word) Alison to aid him in investigating for those alive and well…dead. In “The Thrill of the Haunt,” Alison is hired by Helen Boffice to track her husband David’s moves. Helen believes David is cheating on her. No, she doesn’t want to divorce him; she wants to make sure he is tied to her for life. Strange reasoning, but I’d be announcing Spoiler Alert! if I said more. But that’s not enough. Alison, among trying to entertain her guests who came for the ‘spook shows’ with the ghosts, is forced to investigate a homeless man’s death. Running a haunted guesthouse and investigating crimes with two ghosts isn’t all Alison has to deal with. The one guy, Josh, who has been worthy of Alison’s desire for him to stick around is ready to bolt. Josh wants to know what Alison is keeping secret from him. Paul and Maxie want her to acknowledge to the world that they exist and go to lengthy extremes to accomplish this, and Allison’s supposed to be learning from her mother how to cook. This book is filled with wit, hysteria (maybe that was my hysterical laughter there), and pure entertainment. If you like a good ghostly paranormal that will make your eyes water from laughing, this one is it. Reviewed by Starr Gardinier Reina, author of “The Other Side: Melinda’s Story” published by Suspense Publishing, an imprint of Suspense Magazine ■

Now come on… isn’t that amazing?  And the pictures are bigger than life and so graphic… so well they tell a story in themselves, and just… fabulous!   Well, it goes on and on and so many stories… so many authors.  I am definitely reading this magazine when I’m in need for a good story… how about you?

One more thing before I go I have to say that there are so many reviews of so many wonderful authors and their stories that I’d be writing a book here if I told you everyone, but just one more if you will.  There was an author in there that intrigued me only because she use to me a lawyer and I am a retired paralegal.  I wondered what story this lady would relate too, but alas… it was only the review of a most wonderful story where counsel had to protect her client.

With lines such as “Every book is a spellbinder”, how could you not stop and read.  Me?  I took notes for later.  Reviews, ratings, new and old authors reviews, short stories and much, much more!

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How many times have you heard this phrase, “The book is better than the movie.” We have all probably said it too. While I can agree in most cases, in some cases the movie can be just as good as the book. Of course I don’t think the movie can be better than the book, since that is the source material, but sometimes Hollywood can get it right. Let’s explore at my Top Five best adaptations from book to screen.
5. Misery – Stephen King  This was easiest the best adaptation of a King book. Several of his books have not been good (not counting Shawshank Redemption or Stand by Me, as they were not books). I almost picked The Stand, but since that was a TV mini-series that doesn’t count. Misery really gave the fans the visual appeal that King so perfectly put within the book.
4. Shutter Island – Dennis Lehane  I loved this movie and the book. Mystic River by Lehane was also wonderful, but I went for more of a suspenseful feel instead. Lehane is a master storyteller and Leonardo DiCaprio did a great job as the lead.
3. Primal Fear – William Diehl  Not only was this a great book, but the movie was one of the best films I’ve ever seen. Ed Norton and Richard Gere brought this book to life. Diehl did an excellent job of keeping the secret hidden until the end, and in watching the movie Hollywood stayed true to form.
2.  The Bone Collector – Jeffery Deaver  Deaver is one of my favorite writers, along with being a great person. The Bone Collector was the first book to feature Lincoln Rhyme (talk about hitting it out of the park on the first shot). After I read the book I was skeptical to see the movie, because I didn’t think it would be done correctly, but I was dead wrong and thank God I was.
1. Absolute Power – David Baldacci  Here is a true debut novel to hit a home run. This movie stared Clint Eastwood (one of the best of all time) and Gene Hackman. It didn’t take long for Hollywood to act also, with the book coming out in 1996 and the movie in 1997. A star studded cast that could actually be better than the original book, almost.



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    Sounds good to me! I’ll have to get it for my Kindle.


    Love THRILLERS! I’m big on anything that keeps my attention and thats what exactly happens when I read a good one.


    My husband love thrillers. I will pass this on to him because I know he’ll like this. Thanks for sharing.


    Sounds like a great way to find your next summer read (or three!). I love reading thorough reviews. That way I know exactly what to spend my money on!


    My daughter is into suspense, my Grandmother was a big fan.


    Thrillers were always some of my favorites. I used to read a lot of Stephen King. This magazine sounds cool!


    I love thrillers and suspense/mystery books. I have not heard of this before it sounds like a good magazine to read.


    I’m not a big magazine reader, but I do love reading about mysterious things. Sounds fun.


    I definitely have to look into getting this e-magazine. As you know I am a reader and I do enjoy suspence, murder as well as romance etc–so this would be right up my alley!


    Mysteries and thrillers are the best! They always keep me reading and it’s hard to put the book down. I’m not a huge reader so that’s always a good thing 😛


    My wife and I loves to read magazine together in the living room. This one sounds interesting. We love reading mysteries and interesting.


    This magazine sounds great!!! I love a good thriller. Totally gunna have to check this out!


    Thrillers and mysteries are quite intriguing. I love how they can stir our emotions so well. Thanks for sharing this with us!


    Oh boy I love a thriller too! This book sounds creepy. I love the thought of the ghosts! Definitely sounds like a good one!


    A suspense magazine is a great idea. I’m sure there would a lot of good items to read here.


    Great treat for supense lover! Love this, for sure they will be a big hit.


    Eeeek my husband is more for thrillers than me! He will definitely enjoy this, thanks for sharing!


    This sounds like an interesting magazine indeed with thriller mysteries. I love reading short mysteries and when they are thrillers it is a plus. This sounds like something I will have to check out. Thanks for sharing.


    I love a good thrill in a read. I will use this and share with husband for sure. Thank you for sharing!


    Sounds like an interesting and funny thriller. Great review, thanks!

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    Okay I have never heard of this magazine, so I will have to check it out. I am always looking for a good summer read.


    I love mysteries and suspense. I wonder where I can get a copy of Suspense magazine?

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