Jun 252015

Excuse me before I get to my review…  EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !   Okay, that’s over with.  Now to the review.  Yes, I cannot stand Mice especially Rats or anything related to them or looks like them.  I mean we’re talking gross here.  So I have something I want to share with you if mice & rats gives you the creeps like me!  If they’re not paying rent it’s time to evict these little buggers!

Well, when I use to live in the city when my children were growing up we use to find some problems with these critters at different apartments we had to live at.  Once I found out that the building was infested of course we had to move.  This particular company that makes the Elite Mice and Rat Electronic Pest Repeller prides themselves in being number one in the business. The Elite Mice and Rat Electronic Pest Repeller falls right in line with a motto they have, which is… “Making sure we are Successful in repelling mice/rat problems”.

This handy device makes it very easy to plug in and position to your specific location of the mice or rat problem.   It only has to use one plug outlet while freeing up the other outlet for free use. Low Power Consumption “5 watts” and just pennies a month to run. The Elite Mice and Rat Electronic Pest Repeller is a simple plug-in & repel design purely dedicated to dominating mice and rats out of your home or place of business! This design uses Digital High Impact Ultrasonic Sounds and Turbulent Storm Ultrasonic Technology. This Elite Repelling Technology uses two large powerful speakers (comparably speaking for these types of devices) set on two different ultrasonic sound starting points and repelling in a variable routine.

So, when plugged in and repelling the two speakers admit an exciting and conflicting ultrasonic sound waves by passing each other on the scale of Ultrasonic Sounds. What happens in-return is the Elite creates a surge and boosts the ultrasound to an unmatchable level in a unique form we like to call Turbulent Storm Technology.

So therefore, what happens?  Mice and Rats are EVICTED…  Repelled to the MAX!!!  TOTALLY GONE!  Now you cannot hear the sound that comes out of the device, but there is a way to check it if you like, but this sound is only for tiny ears and the message sent is… “GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE”!  And off they go.  Now I have a vegetable garden, and if you have planted… oh let’s say… CORN!  Oh yes, especially corn those little darn field mice love their corn they’ll be moving in, and the word is passed.  All you have to do is turn on your Elite mice sound mice evicter and POOF!  The word is out mice/rats are not wanted here because the rent is too high… “YOUR LIFE”!  So move on & thanks for leaving!


I hope this little review has helped you if you have this problem.  Thanks for stopping by, and if you have any comments or questions, please let me know below.  Have a great day!


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    I wish we could grow corn here, but it is so windy here. Day after day it is windy! Now with the wind, comes the smoke. SoCal burns every year now. We are getting tired of smoke!

    All-in-all, this is a great little pest repellent. We have lots of mice and rats where we live since we are in the middle of a desert. But we keep the coyotes around the house, and they keep those critters down by eating them. We give them our kitchen scraps and they eat the mice and rats. I have even named one of them Buddy. He sleeps the closest the the back door every morning waiting for some tidbits. If I needed one of these electronic pest repeller, this is the one I would buy.


    I always wondered if this stuff really works. Tell them to send them to me so I can try it! lol

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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