Jun 272015

Samsill Speedy Spine Round Ring View Binder where there work will never get lost.  5X faster than traditional binders. Save time and be more productive.   Being more productive is the key here!  Speedy Spine binders feature a Patented channel construction that allows for the easy drop-in of spine inserts for custom graphics in seconds.  The dilemma of tight, almost impossible to insert spine graphics has plagued view binders since the inception into the office products industry, but this family uses it for nothing, but education.

  Now something like this my granddaughter will be a junior this year in high school, and I think she make very good use out of this one, don’t you?   No more losing homework, and everything in there as snug as a bug in a rug!  A three ring binder to put the notebook papers in and a binders to separate her subjects.  Now that’s what I had even at the law firm where I use to work.  It seperated cases and I had one for notes too and different client cases.  Three ring binders are the best for NOT losing things.  You know its there when you go in there to get it.  🙂


So next what I have to show you is nothing, but pure class! It’s a Pad Holder!  Black leather, with a pocket and a notebook tablet!  Very nice and I think pure elegance.

  • Samsill Professional Pad Holder
  • Functional, stylish and smartly designed Padded covers look and feel like fine leather.
  • Hand-turned and hand-stitched binding edges.
  • Features a pen loop, writing pad, document and business card pockets.

I mean is this class or what and more important my granddaughters like it too. I think it’s time to flip the coin and see who gets what! LOL

I don’t mind as I said earlier paying that extra dollar for something that is worth spending on.  For supplies that will last and make my children proud that NaNee got them something special that will last them the whole year for school, and maybe even longer!  When I was working it was office supplies such as these that made work a lot more simpler.

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    I could sure use these. Thanks so much!


    every student should have something like this


    We had such simple folders when I was in school.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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