Jul 082015

Last week as I told you Angelo was supposed to be here with me for 11 days, but unfortunately the mind was willing, but the body was not.  He went home 2 days later.  Did you ever think about how much you had to pick up a baby???  That little porker!  Well, instead I have my granddaughter for a few days who is eight (8) yrs. old, and her name is Jenessa!  Here’s an old picture of her, but I’ll have some new ones soon!  She’s been helping her NaNee since last night.  She’s such a good girl.  Hugs to my Nessa.

Also, our “Baby” (our lab) has had a stroke, so she has taken a lot of my time too.  Please a little puppy prayer for her so she’ll be okay.  She doesn’t eat like she use too and when she shakes her had she falls and she’s been having tiny seizures.   She keeps her head down, and cocks it to the left when she looks at you, but other wise she does other things okay.  We have been spoiling her with attention, and helping her up and down the stairs.

SORRY I’M SO LATE EVERYONE!  I had a dentist appointment this morning!

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  6 Responses to “It’s Summer! WW”


    Too bad about little Angelo. It would have been nice for him to bond with grandma and grandpa some more. At least you got a replacement. It must be nice to be able to have the grandkids come by often. Also, I hope Baby gets better.


    Nice post Marie, your granddaughter has a fab smile and aww! about your dog I hope she recovers as much as possible and quickly 🙂

    Have a dentisttastic week 🙂


    Sounds like a busy week for you! Nessa looks adorable and I hope your Lab will get better soon!


    It can be hard on grandma, can’t it? Shoot, I remember how heavy our youngest was when he was a baby. Geez you’d think I’d had arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger and yet I didn’t. lol It’s so good that your grandkids live nearby.That’s one thing, the grandparents living close by, that I wish we had when ours were small.

    Poor doggie! I’m saying prayers for your Baby that she makes a full recovery. It’s difficult to see family pets age. Glad to have you around finally for #WW!


    oh that’s too bad you didn’t get lots of time with the wee one, but nice to have another come along! and such a cute smile.
    sending little puppy prayers!! feel better soon

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