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The “World’s Finest” Ear Plug!  Highest Blocking! Total Sealing! Moldable Ear Plug! At Beneficial Products Inc., we are Dedicated to Providing Products that are *Beneficial* for Humanity!

*The Ear Plug Industry is comprised of manufacturers that produce ear plugs derived from mainly 2 chemically based sources; Foam, Foam, Foam, More Foam and Silicone.  Well, you know what?   I don’t care what they make it out of it either works or it doesn’t.  I took on this project because I have a punctured ear drum in my left ear.  My husband is a musician, and when I go to practice with him, which is in a enclosed garage or a basement it’s very loud & sometimes extremely loud.  It was during this song my ear started to vibrate and hurt like the dickens!  Here’s what I  mean!

So, now you see what I mean. I’ve tried cotton and ear plugs for swimming nothing seem to work, and then came along…

 Mighty Plugs: World’s Finest Ear Plugs
and they weren’t kidding.  Made in Oregon, USA since 1996; they have been continually improving on what is now universally regarded as the BEST BLOCKING Moldable Ear Plug in the World. Made from the natural ingredients of pure beeswax, sterile cotton & purified lanolin; this perfect blend has produced the finest, most  efficient earplug ever produced. So effective & superior because it forms-to the ear canal and seals it as its inserted.
So you just take what you need from the earwax they give you, and mold it too your ear, and when you go to a show like the one below like we go to all the time such a band never sounded so good to me ~snicker-snicker~!
 Hot Rocks a Rolling Stones tribute band!  WOW!  Were they loud, but you see we go to these type of concerts too!

To create a Perfect Custom Fit,  adults and children with smaller ear canals, can simply pinch off the right amount of material to make a smaller ear plug; and for those with large ear canals, they too can simply combine the ear plugs to make a larger ear plug that fits their ear perfectly. For swimmers, bathers & those with major & minor ear problems, this remarkable ear plug *completely* protects the inner ear & seals-out water 100% .

Yes, remarkable ear plug and they’re not kidding!  I’ll never use anything else again, and it’ll probably save me from going deaf.  ~hahaha~  Hey, ya never know right?  So the next time you go to a concert or a sports event or some place that’s going to be really loud grab you some of these Mighty ear plugs and don’t worry about a thing.
REUSABLE!! –Mighty Plugs are without question “The Best Value” for the money;  for each pair can be worn from 30 to 35 times and more!  With such an indefinite shelf life, they last for years and years!  SOUNDS GOOD TO ME…. LITERALLY!  
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*Disclaimer: Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given. I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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    These ‘sound’ like great ear plugs. I know they say they are reusable, but be sure to keep them clean. My husband was using reusable ear plugs, and used them a lot to keep out the cold, and ended up with an ear infection. He has since not used them again.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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