Jul 102015

Hands-Free, Bright Lighting For Indoor & Outdoor Activity

Are you tired of fumbling around in the dark, holding a flashlight while you tackle household projects, fix things or clean things up? Look no further as Aennon offers the best solution for your hands-free lighting!

Dang, if that doesn’t sound like an old commercial, but the only thing is…..  IT’S RIGHT!  This Durable Bright 2-in-1 LED Work Light Flashlight is the BOMB!  I never knew a flashlight could do so much with one twist or one move.  This is just too cool.  The only problem with this flashlight is “WE DON’T HAVE TWO“!   Hubby keeps saying it’s his and I say it’s ours.  He puts it in his car and I take it out and put it under the sink or in the linen closet (I keep switching places so he cannot find it… hehehehe)!  Of course when he needs it I bring it out and he’ll use it and I have to go hunting for it again, and another cool thing about our Durable Bright 2-in-1 LED Work Light Flashlight that we got at Amazon.com is everyone keeps asking us, “Where did you get that?”

Multi-Purpose Work Flood Light For Practical Projects & Safety

• Our hot water heater pilot light went out and it’s on the bottom of the tank.  Now how am I supposed to see that my husband says?  How about with your new Durable Bright 2-in-1 LED Work Light Flashlight, I said.   hmmmm…
• Oh no!  My front tire is low how the heck and I going to put air in this tire at night when I’m blind as a bat?  How about with my new Durable Bright 2-in-1 LED Work Light Flashlight!
• Playing the acoustics around a fire in our backyard with our friends sometimes you need just a bit more light to get around.  So we bring out our Durable Bright 2-in-1 LED Work Light Flashlight!
• Holy Cow!  The electric is out again!  DARN!  Can’t find the candles?  Let me get our Durable Bright 2-in-1 LED Work Light Flashlight!  Heck we can light up the whole house with our Durable Bright 2-in-1 LED Work Light Flashlight!

3 Convenient Hands-Free Lighting Options

1. The adjustable pivoting head tilts up to 270°, allowing you to focus light as needed.
2. A strong 360° rotatable swivel hook to hang your light anywhere you wish.
3. Two strong base magnets allow you to stick it to any metallic surface.

Your Up-Close Detail Work Is Now A Breeze

• 150 lumens of pure white light output by energy-sufficient COB LED.
• 5 LED top flashlight produces 30 lumens of brightness.
• 3 Modes: COB LED – 5 LED flashlight – Off.
• Rubberized body is shock-proof & water resistant.


Whether hubby is under the hood of your car or under the sink trying to figure out what’s goin’ on or you’re just out in the dark, the Aennon Work Light works great for any situation and… (drum roll please)It stands! It hooks! It sticks! It lights! It WORKS and IT’S COOL!  

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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product at no cost to me for my honest opinion.

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    What a great extra light to have. I know the men in my home will love to have one.


    Wow, what a great gift for Hubby!! And us women also need one. I love the hanging, adjusting and magnets. I think everyone needs one!!!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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