Jul 152015
 Captain of the Pontoon!  My friend – DeeDee

Me havin’ fun!   Fox River!




Curious as a Cathyb2d Wordless Wednesday
Stacy Uncorked
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  7 Responses to “Happy Summer Days! WW”


    Nice photos Marie fun photos

    have a funtastic day and don’t do anything I would LOL 🙂


    Looks like a nice day! I want to try boating as it looks so relaxing =)


    Wow what fun and looks like you are having a great summer.


    Oh, wow, a river. It must be nice to have a good body of water to have fun in. The closest river to me is White Water river down near Palm Springs. i doubt if there is any water running in it this year since we have not been getting enough rain. Then we have the Colorado River. I’ve been there during the summer, and it’s not an experience that I want to subject myself to again.

    Have a wonderful glorious day!


    Looks like a great time. I love boating and stuff around the water. Always a great time.


    Happy Summer~~~~~~~~wave~~~~~ looks like you are having fun!!!


    looks like fun. last month, we planned to rent a pontoon (for the first time) but the odds were against us because there werent any available left! i’m still looking forward to doing this someday soon!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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