Jul 222015

The “WE AIN’T RIGHT” Band!!! Hubby’s New Band Pic – 2nd on from the Right~

Curious as a Cathyb2d Wordless Wednesday
Stacy Uncorked
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  5 Responses to “Happy Summer Days! WW”


    I love the Confederate flag in the background!


    What a good shot of them I wish them all well for the new band 🙂

    Have a musictastic week Marie 🙂

    Grabs a neck pillow and leaves blog 😉


    Congrats to all of them for a new band.
    Thanks for hosting this week!
    Have a beautiful day!


    Ooh! Great band shot! Congrats on the new band!


    They look so rock and roll! I am re-learning to play my guitar. I wish I can play better and have a band too! Haha a girl can dream =)

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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