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I would be cooking in my kitchen, and then I would here my baby girl giggling in the frontroom…  and it would make me smile!She loved her cartoons, but she also loved her books, and now my granddaughter absolutely adores joke books, and she would say… “NaNee didn’t you hear the one about … “, and probably a gazillion times, but NaNee’s are supposed to say, “No, sweetie.  Tell me!”  This Book For Kids Is the First in a series of Joke books For Kids.

Best Joke Book For Kids!   Guarantees Good Clean Jokes to make them giggle (and maybe you too)”!

Have you ever downloaded a so called kids Joke book only to find the Jokes are not as pure and Innocent as you thought they might be?  Aughhhh!  Well, Mr. Peter MacDonald has taken the time to make sure you don’t have that experience with his work.

Mr. MacDonald’s books are nothing, but good clean fun for you, and your children and their friends too!


Best Joke Book for Kids is a book of short jokes, which will keep their attention.  Longer ones have a tendency to let their minds drift off.  These are guaranteed age appropriate too!   They are funny jokes, Knock Knock jokes, and the Best Kids Jokes ever just look for yourself.   There are Cow, Dog and Cat Jokes, color jokes, crazy and even corny jokes, and of course animal jokes, but most of all good clean jokes!

Best Joke Book for Kids is styled for children when they grow older they find certain jokes less and less funny. This means you have to come up with age appropriate jokes to keep them entertained. Jokes are more than just for laughs. They also stimulate thought, imagination and educate.  You want jokes that are funny, corny and have some substance to tickle their funny bone.  Usually the really good jokes will give even you the giggles, and keep the kids & you laughing for some time!So do you need a great idea for a Birthday, and even Christmas for that little special someone on your list?  Best Joke Book For Kids is Illustrated in Full Color, and is for boys & girls alike!!!  Order them today and save it for when you need that special gift you forgot to buy!!!

Great for Kids aged 7 through to Adult.
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    There is nothing like a good joke book for kids. i still remember some from a joke book I had in grade school.

    How did the rocket lose its job?
    He was fired

    What’s the Mexican weather report?
    Chili today and hot tamale

    What brown and green and crawls through the grass?
    A brownie and a girl scout looking for a lost cookie.

    What happens when you sit on a grape?
    It gives out a little wine!

    There once was a little old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do…
    So she went to Thom McAn and got another shoe.

    Yeah, I know, stupid, But they are clean!

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