Jul 292015

And my new “?”! Unfortunately I lost the paper on this one, but I do know it grows white flowers in the spring. Any Guesses???

My New Maple Tree we planted last week!


Angelo’s first haircut! 🙂

And ‘FINALLY” his first tooth!!!

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  9 Responses to “Happy Summer Days! WW”


    Awww Angelo is growing up fast!

    I have few plants here too. The maple tree is looking good!


    Aww! Angelo is so cute heheh!

    Just think when that Maple Tree has grown you will have all the free Maple Syrup you need …..”coughs”

    Have a tanfabulous day Marie 🙂


    I just love little Angelo, and his darling little smiles. Now its time for teething, and most of those little smiles are going to become little frowns. Feel sorry for the little guy, but he has to start biting fingers sometimes. Ha!

    I can hardly wait to see you tap your tree. We’ll probably still be around doing this in 50 years, right?


      Angelo has cut it first tooth already, but there’s still a lot more to come and yes I’m sure we’ll be around then flapping our gums and rockin’ them chairs, but typing a little bit slower. hahahaha


    His hair cut looks cute! Watch out for that biting. 🙂


    I just love the baby and the tooth pic!


    I don’t know the plant, but I love flowers.
    I want to plant too. I should.

    And your little one is just adorable!
    Yay for old teeth gone eh 🙂


    I love happy summer days, but I go back to work Monday. 🙁


    Yay for the teeth! My 8th month boy is at this teething stage too – but none have broken through yet. So yeah, frustration at every turn! Haha!

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