Aug 042015

DownIT Skull Shot Glass!

DownIT skull shot glass is a uniquely-designed shot glass – an absolute must-have in a party, and especially if you know a guy like our friend Bob!  HA-HA-HA!

Intricate skull design Each skull shot glass is carefully hand blown and designed to perfection, made with only the finest quality glass material.  Just look how every line is unique to the other.  It’s a perfect skeleton’s head.

Elegant design   Slanted wall design that gives an incredible aesthetic appeal and extreme comfort when handling – Perfect addition to your shot glass display collection if you happen to have one, but even if you don’t wouldn’t this be a great way to start one that’s for sure!  I wanted you to see exactly how this was shaped.  Normally you would not put milk in a shot glass or especially a beer glass!

Thick, solid base  Very durable and able to withstand shots after shots of slamming on a hard surface.   This was a great birthday present to a guy who had everything, and a great addition to his collection to say the least.  He’s a motorcycle guy who belongs to the Heathen Barbarians.  So, don’t you think this glass went to the right person.  ~hahahaha~  An exciting way to spice up the party with alcohol-filled DownIT skull shot glasses!

A Standard shot glass volume  Holds 1.5oz when filled right above the eyes, and 2.0oz when filled to the brim – choose either a deadly shot or a stunning flaming lambo like you’ve never seen before, and actually be kind of creepy!  Could you imagine at Halloween time?  ~hahaha~

Individually packaged  –  Get your skull shotglass packed in a box protected with thick layers of bubble wrap and tucked away quite nicely as not to break!

Fire up your party with skulls on flames. Wow the crowd like never before and bring your drinking experience to a whole new level!  OOOO-Pahhhh  So, get a DownIT skull shot glass for a guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction, because this company prides themselves in both the quality of their product and definitely customer service.  It’s that perfect gift, for perfect parties to impress your friends with a DownIT skull shot glass filled with ouzo and fire it up!  O-PAH!

DownIT Skull Shot Glass, Thick Base, 1.5oz, Clear


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    This shot glass cracks me up! I like that you put milk in it. Looks better that way.


    Thats intense and so unique I never seen a glass like that before wht a fun glass for a Halloween party.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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