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Welcome aboard our 260th wk. & “5” Years of

 “Monday’s Music Moves Me” !

notesI’m the Conductor of this Musical trip, and the other Conductors are my buds Callie of JAmerican Spice, Stacy of Stacy Uncorked, holy cow 092Naila-Moon of Just the Stuff Ya Know on our Love Rockin’ Train.  APPLAUSE!  NOW LET’S ROCK THIS PLACE & get this TRAIN rollin’!

 ALL ABOARD OUR ROCKIN’ ROLL LOVE TRAIN!  We’re eager to greet you at the station & F-O-L-L-O-W   U too!  Just sign our linky, grab our button  & leave a cool comment!  You don’t have to do a video, leave a link to one is fine.  

Our “SPOTLIGHT DANCER” gets the PRIVILEGE of picking the THEME for the following week that we have a theme.  EVERY OTHER WEEK we have a FREEBIE! 

OUR SPOTLIGHT DANCER IS:  Not going to be dancing for a while, but instead we’re going to have our Conductor’s dance for us for a bit!  

IT’S OUR “5th” Year Anniversary!!!  “5” years of Rock & Roll with all my friends… new & old!  We would like to celebrate with a HUGE GIVE-AWAY!  We are going to have “5” Winners!  Yes “1” Winner for each year!  So stop by and play with us for five weeks and enter our give-away!!!  There are so many prizes we had to make two rafflecopters for you to enter on.  One at myself & Stacy and the other at Callie & Naila-Moon!  GOOD LUCK!  NOW LET’S ROCK~ WOO HOO!


Grab your button for “Spotlight Dancer”!

 Don’t forget to follow everyone! Now let’s ROCK! 


OH YEAH, ROCKIN’ ALL OVER THE WORLD – Status Quo – Anniversary!
I also thought it would be appropriate to show you my very first “Monday Music Moves Me”!


This is so cool!  So, all you really have to do is run on over to You Tube, find your favorite song/video, an appropriate song for Labor Day or whatever song you would like us to groove too!Happy Labor Day

Now, I will think of a theme every other week to help out, and the week there isn’t a theme you can put whatever you like. Once your song is posted,  sign up to our linky, don’t forget to grab our “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Button (right side under my button), and (HERE’S THE FUN PART) pick from the links already there who you would like to groove with. That’s right!  Whoever  you like to shake a tailfeather with or bump, bump, bump!   Then twist/hop on over there & in your comment just say: ” I’LL FOLLOW YOU”.  Now, if you already follow them, you get to lead, and you can go on to the next person and keep groovin’ to the music!   That’s all that’s too it.  Does that sound like fun?     So, PICK A SONG, GRAB OUR NEW BUTTON, SIGN MC LINKY, GO FIND A PARTNER,AND COME BACK AND TELL US WHO IT IS!  Now don’t be a wallflower.  Okay, now if you see that someone has been there before you may still tag, and dance.  At the end of the day if you’d like to come back and post how many new partners (partners meaning new blogs your following, NOT the ones you are already following, and let me know how many.    The one with the most new partners will be featured next week in our number two spot for that week, and recognized.  I will email you, and let you know, so please leave your e-mail address with your amount of new partners!  That’s it!

My pick for today is:

The 5th Dimension: Stoned Soul Picnic Video Medley

Labor Day BBQI picked this one for all the picnics going on today.  HAPPY LABOR DAY EVERYONE!  I HOPE YOU’RE ALL HAVING FUN or have had fun all day!
Flip me a burger will ya!!!!  WOO WOO!  ENJOY & HAVE FUN!
SO how about that for nostalgia ???   I thought that would be fun, my very first Post of Monday’s Music Moves Me!  So don’t forget to enter the rafflecopters here and at Stacy’s and Callie & Naila-Moon’s.  For now just one more to rock the house…

2015Thanks for Subscribing to emails & Following us!  Now here is our Rafflecopter for our “5” Year Celebration of Monday’s Music Moves Me!  And also here’s a rundown of the list of prizes for this rafflecopter.  1)  $25 Gift Certificate at Target & a

Princess Nagger Licor del Café is a coffee- flavored liqueur that is made from the finest coffee, Vodka, Brandy and organic Vanilla Beans.  YUMMMMMM  2) a $10 Gift Certificate for Best Buy and 3) 2 Tix to IMAX (must be used by 12/31/15.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you stop by to comment, too.


 animated gifs photo:  Guitarwithmusicalnotesfloatingup.gifDon’t forget to follow everyone! Now let’s ROCK!


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  20 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me! HAPPY 5TH YR. ANNIVERSARY GIVE-AWAY!”


    It just might be my laptop, but I am not seeing the linky. I’ve been having some trouble with them. Here’s my link:


    I entered this giveaway at your daughter’s blog: Watch Your Favorite Shows on the Go with TV Everywhere & $25 Visa G.C #Giveaway #TVEverywhere


    Would love to enter contest, but I don’t have a linky account, nor want to mess with something new when I got to get to sleep for the first day of school tomorrow. Can’t you use something else to unlock everything?

    Also, not seeing the blog hop linky??


    Hey Dolly, I’m still awaiting my RC , but I’ll go ahead and post until it comes in. I wanted to get an early start today.

    Happy Anniversary Dolly!
    Happy Musiverary Dolly!


    Nice pick and not seeing the linky either but here is my this weeks picks.


    Great to see 4M celebrating 5 years! No linky posted. I won’t enter the giveaway, but I know others will love it. You rock!!!


    Happy Anniversary for MMMM “does 2 cart wheels and a back flip 🙂

    So on your first post you were “Rockin All Over The World heheh!

    Have a tanfastic day Marie and …well don’t do anything I would 🙂


    Happy Anniversary!!! have not listen today


    Looks like no one is seeing the link; thankfully it’s not just me! Here’s mine though,


    Awesome selection friend! Happy Anniversary!


    SO SORRY TO EVERYONE ABOUT THE LINKY! IT’S THERE NOW. Guess I was excited about our great give-away! Is anyone having any problems with that? Anyway GOOD LUCK TO ALL and hope you enjoy my music and ROCK ON!


    Congratulations on five years of Monday music!


    Wow! 5 years! Congratulations! My how time flies! Cool giveaway too! Thanks for hosting. Have a totally awesome week!


    Congratulations on 5 years of music!


    Happy Anniversary! It sure goes by fast – that is a lot of dance moves!


    Happy fifth anniversary of this! It’s been a lot of fun reading and listening each Monday!


    FIVE YEARS!! Can you believe it? I’m still in shock myself. 😉 I mean, when this thing all started, Princess Nagger was just 7 years old! Now she’s almost a teen!! (kill me now!!) 🙂 🙂 🙂 Seriously, though – it’s been a blast being part of the magic each week, thank you so much for letting me co-host, it’s been an honor. 🙂 Here’s to 5 more years (and beyond)! *clink!* 🙂

    Sorry for the late visit – it’s been a crazy week and doesn’t look like it’ll be slowing down anytime soon (at least not until after school starts – 3-1/2 weeks from now! heh!)

    That Old Flame might be Bad For You, but you’re on Top Of The World having a House Party!


    I commented on Vitamin D Gummy Bears: For Kids & Adults Review

    I won’t be playing along for this week’s 4M hop. Been too tired with this bad cold and sinus infection that I had last week. I have to get caught up on my reviews. I was ahead of the game last week, and now I am way behind. Still don’t feel like doing much.


    It has been a lot of fun reading and listening each Monday.So, Congratulations on five years of Monday music and Happy Anniversary.Nice post and thanks a lot.


    i dont know what number i am as i am already a linky follower

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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