Aug 142015

A Reusable Tote Bag this is going to be great!!!

Go Green with the Sacko (TM) Durable and Non-Woven Reusable Grocery Tote Bag.
This bag features Ample Room for your shopping essentials, a Zippered Closure, Front Pocket for Extra Space, Reinforced Straps and Inner Bottom Board that Prevents wear and tear.
Great for Grocery Shopping, Everyday Errands, School, Trips to the park and even the Beach.
Dimensions of the bag are 16″w x 3″d x 15″h

So what do you think?  Yes or No!  I say a big yes!!!  I have used this for my yarn bag, diaper bag, book bag, overnight bag, and even packed away what mama needs to go to an outdoor concert like bug spray, small blanket, a sweater just in case and a small pillow not to mention a few medications for me.  I love my “Everything Bag” because I use it for “Everything”!!!

My yarn bag!

It’s a heavy canvas bag, and I really like it for my yarn the most because it holds everything.  My scissors, needles and yarn not to mention a small notebook and pen and my bottled water.  The material is strong so definitely know it’s going to last a long time.

So what do you like my new yarn bag… I mean diaper bag… yes I did use it as a diaper bag once already when my grandson stayed over.  Isn’t he a cutie pie?

turtle face

This Bag has a large open main compartment, zippered closure so you won’t lose anything, a front pocket for extra space, and easy access.  It also has an inner bottom board to prevent any wear and tear too.  I’m totally pleased with mine.  I took it with us on a outing last week and packed the bug spray, sun tan lotion, wash cloth, bandaids, aspirins… you know all the necessities.  ~sigh~  So much for fun…  LOL

The bag is 20″(L) x 1.25″(W) Reinforced Straps and is great for groceries or shopping too.  They also have a Warranty on their bag to that they will replace any defective or damaged bag if it is received like this.  Just contact them and let them know.  All the information is on where it is sold.

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    I have a diaper/tote bag that I use for my embroidery. Wish I had the time, and the good reading glasses in order to see the fabric and start stitching again. I miss it. This last project has taken me a few years. I am using white lugana 18 count fabric, which means 36 little holes per inch for cross stitching.

    Actually, a nice versatile diaper bag is one great bag to have. When baby grows out of it, you can always re-purpose it.


      We should put our talents together and start selling them. Whatcha think? I personally would love something embroidered. I love handmade things, don’t you? Thanks for stopping by my dear friend.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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