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Extra Large Eco Friendly Bamboo Cutting Board


Key Product Features
  • Large Board For Easy Prep Of Romaine, Bok Choi, Chard, Celery, Kale, Chicken And Roast Meats;
  • Groove Prevents Liquids From Running Off The Board Keeping Your Counter And Table Clean;
  • Flip It Over For A Smooth Beautiful Large Cutting Board Or Serving Tray;
  • Quality Crafted From Eco-Friendly Moso Bamboo Which Contains Natural Anti-Microbial Properties; and
  • Easy To Clean With Soap And Warm Running Water ~ Rinse Well, and air dry.

Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board 18 X 12 X .8 Inches ~ Drip Groove on Topside Catches Liquids ~ Reverse Side Is a Smooth Large Cutting Board ~ Made From Strong Moso Bamboo

EXTRA LARGE BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD 18 X 12 X .8 Inches. Drip groove on the topside catches liquids to protect your counter top and table. The reverse side is smooth with no drip groove.  That is so cool.  Glad somebody thought about it.

Quality crafted from Moso Bamboo; Moso bamboo naturally contains anti-microbrial properties; Bamboo is excellent for use as a cutting board because it is harder than Maple wood. This results in a strong board.  Exactly what I need.

Bamboo keeps kitchen knives and cutlery sharper longer than a wood cutting board, and I’m certainly glad to hear that.  Aren’t you?  Bamboo is eco-friendly because it is a renewable resource. The plant is not destroyed when the stalks are harvested. The plant regrows tall (up to 50 feet) and strong replacement stalks in 3 to 5 years.  So glad to hear that as I said in my video.  Sure wouldn’t want the bamboo to go extinct on us… would we?

This large cutting board is well suited for preparation of large vegetables and fruits such as Bok Choi, Romain and Watermelon. Carve roasted meats and chicken with confidence that the juices will be in the drip groove not on your table or kitchen counter top. The reverse side can be used as a cheese board to cut and serve cheese, crackers and dips.  Yes,  I really prefer the larger board.  I like plenty of room when I’m cooking, and the thickness of the board really matters too as to how long it’s going to be in the family I believe.

EASY TO CARE FOR, just clean after each use with soap in warm running water; rinse well; air dry or use a paper towel and please “do not put me in the dishwasher”.  We want our board to be in the family for a long time.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and please leave me a comment and tell me why you need a big cutting board.

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  5 Responses to “Eco Bamboo Cutting Board with Handle Review”


    I need a new cutting board. This looks like it will fit our needs just right. We need a larger one for our homemade pizzas.


    I always prefer Bamboo cutting boards because they provide better food safety; especially compared to plastic boards. I love the grooves in this one for catching juices. It’s a great tool to have in any kitchen. Attractive, too!


    I had no idea that bamboo was naturally microbial. It looks very nice too. Would look great in my kitchen!!




    Those are awesome boards to use.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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