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If I am eating a balanced diet, why do I need multivitamins?

A good multivitamin fills the gaps in our diet by supplying nutrients that even the best diet might miss.  Stress, dieting, lack of sleep, and rigorous exercise can deplete our body’s store of nutrients and leave us deficient.  My husband has his day job, and its very stressful packing skids and getting his orders out on time to go to different parts of the world, and when he comes home there’s his music, and he has to practice because they meet every Sunday to practice more for gigs.  So he gets pretty stressed.  His music does mean a lot to him.

Some of us have food sensitivities that require special diets like gluten-free, dairy & egg-free, vegetarian or vegan. It is especially important that these folks take great care to ensure they get the proper nutrients that they might not receive in adequate amounts from other sources.  And my husband is like a little kid he doesn’t like to many veggies for one, and salads are far and few in between.  I tell him you need roughage, and I get yeah, yeah, yeah!!!


 FINALLY, a vitamin formulated just for men. Elite Man Multivitamins contain no iron, but instead include carefully-selected nutrients specific to a man’s health.  Very cool!  Now I don’t have to fight with him anymore about getting enough roughage or his veggies.  Woo Hoo!  I want my husband to stay healthy and stick around a very long time because I just don’t know what I would do without him!

• Elite Man Multivitamins contain more than just vitamins. This “All-In-One” formulation includes an impressive blend of green foods, herbs, minerals, digestive enzymes, and yes, essential vitamins, in one bottle.  woo hoo!

• Higher Amounts of Vitamin D & B12: Now with 2,000 IU Vitamin D and 2,500% Vitamin B12 for sustained energy throughout the day.  Definitely needed around here!

• 1,000 MG of Green Foods: Elite Man Multivitamins contain wheat grass, spirulina algae, broken cell wall chlorella, barley grass powder, oat grass, and more.  You see I just don’t let him read the bottle or he’ll be calling me “Mom” again, which is so uncool!!!

• Fruit Extracts: This formula is rich with plant-based extracts including pomegranate, cranberry, orange, papaya, acai berry, strawberry, noni fruit and others.  Man, this is great stuff… a lot of the things he just won’t eat.  Color me HAPPY!

• Triple Mushroom Complex: Shitake, Reishi and Maitake mushroom extracts have been used in Chinese Medicine for over 2,000 years.

• Omega 3/6 Oils: Oil in a tablet? Elite Man Multivitamins contain finely powdered Flax Seed Oil, Borage Oil, and Sunflower Seed Oil.  Digestive Enzymes: Broad spectrum enzymes break down food and gently promote healthy digestion.  Won’t get this kind of stuff from McDonald’s huh?

• Probiotics: Wide-spectrum probiotics contribute to gut and colon health. Oh my goodness that’s one area Dave will just not talk about it.  I’m still working on him to get that colonoscopy.  Wish me luck on that one!  How did you get your husband to go get one?

• Rich Selection of Herbal Combinations: A wide range of additional herbs and food have been hand-selected for this unique blend. More information on these specific blends can be found on the label.  All of this unbelievable information that we could never got down our husband’s throats without the help from this tiny pill.  Amazing!!!

When should he take multivitamins?

Taking a multivitamin with breakfast is the most recommended method.  From an organizational standpoint, it is easier to take a vitamin at home with a meal before heading out to a day filled with obligations and distractions.  Yeah, that’s what I said I think… or something close to it.

Vitamins that provide energy, like B vitamins, will be of more use to you if you take them in the morning.  You will be more likely to experience a steady increase in energy lasting long into the day when your vitamin is taken in the morning.  EXACTLY!!!

Should he take a vitamin with his food or on an empty stomach?

Most vitamins are easier to absorb when combined with food as it is gentler on the stomach.  Some nutrients bind to each other and are absorbed more efficiently together.  I just put it on his breakfast plate in the morning.  It’s more or less a routine in the morning and he’s none the wiser that the pill is different then his last ones.  woo hoo

So now you ask if there’s any discounts available for returning customers who want to continue receiving the health benefits of Elite Man Multivitamins?

You bet!  We love our repeat customers and they always offer exclusive discounts for their best customers.  Isn’t that the coolest?  Just visit their web site and grab a discount code.  I am!!!  🙂

So if you do decide to buy a bottle check this out!

Your Help is Needed!

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Don’t forget to get your discounts too!  Have a great day and you will not regret in giving these to your hubby.  I sure don’t.  Heyyyyyyyyyyy I think he has more energy than me hmmmmmm gonna have to see what they have for me.  Have a great day and leave a comment below and tell me and the company what does your husband lack…. energy, has his get up and go got up and left?  Does his system need a pick me up?  Well, good luck and when I gave my husband his he said, “What’s this?”  It was a different color than his last vitamin pill, and I’m the coupon queen and he knows that. I told him I got a deal and I had a coupon.  All I get lately is OHHHHHH  I’m saving him money…. he’ll take it.  hahahaha  Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget my comment!  HUGS TO ALL!

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    These sound like great vitamins! My husband is almost out and he is going to be needing more. I’ll have to get a bottle. Thanks for the great review.


    That’s a lot in one vitamin.
    I take a daily vitamin every day.


    My hubs should really start getting some.
    Thanks for the review.
    Oh yea, I need to take mine too 🙂


    I need to start taking vitamins and this seems like a good one

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