Sep 142015

#Effenfine Facial Hair Scissors for Nose and Ear Hair Trimming – Trim Mustache, Beard and Eyebrows with German Stainless Steel Scissors – Lifetime Guarantee

These types of scissors are great for many things.  I first used a pair of these when I was taking care of my Grandfather who had a stroke and I’d give him a manicure with them,  so I wouldn’t cut him, and I’d cut the hairs out of his ears and nose.  Trim those eyebrows (you know how grandpa’s are), and then with my hair cutting scissors I’d give him a haircut.  Yes, I’ve been a licensed beautician since 1969 I received my diploma.
I used these type of scissors on my babies when I trimmed their little nails on their tiny fingers, & then on those teenier toes.  No way did I want to cut my baby.  I used those type of scissors on them until they were about ten years old.
Now I have these scissors for my husband when I give him a haircut, and trim this and that and the other thing he can trim himself (his nose).  ~snicker~   All men need these type of scissors for this type of thing.  Mothers and children too if they want to cut paper.  They really don’t need anything pointy.

About the Product

*Hand Made With Forged German Stainless Steel
*Rounded Safety Tips to Prevent Cutting Delicate Areas
*Large Finger Rings Give You Comfortable Control
*Hand Filed Cutting Edges Curve Away From The Skin
*Lifetime Guarantee


  3 Responses to “#effenfine – Facial Hair Scissors for Nose & Ear Hair Trimming – Trim Mustache, Beard & Eyebrows Review”


    Great product for trimming the kids hair to save money.


    My husband has decided to try to grow a goatee and it needs trimming! These would be perfect. thanks for the review.


    This is a perfect pair of scissors to rid your nose of their annoying hairs.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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