Sep 162015

  SUMMER is drawing to a close & in a few days it will be Fall/Autumn.  I’d like to show you a few signs of my summer this year.  My Vegetable Garden~  we didn’t get much because I was told there was too much rain this year and therefore crops didn’t turn out so good~

OH BOY! Was it ever hot this summer!


And it began to grow!


And so it began!

…. and grow (zucchini)

and grow…



I grew few stalks of corn, but I didn’t get 1 ear of corn. The few that grew the squirrels got them! grumble grumble….


Believe it or not although we did get a lot of rain it was so hot the river was drying up… Yep, we had some crazy weather this year alright.

Curious as a Cathy
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  8 Responses to “Happy Summer Days! WW”


    Great photos – of course, my favorite is of your doggie!
    Have an amazing week and thanks for joining us at WW at Create With Joy! 🙂


    Nice photos and doing well with your veg garden 🙂

    LOL @ your dog…woof!


    Love your dog and your garden looks great!!!!! And that is really, really hot! I am so sorry.


    Happy Wednesday, your garden looks very successful, congratulations!!


    Beautiful garden.


    It’s too bad you didn’t get any corn. My daughter had some local corn that was grown not too far from her house. It was organic and non-GMO. It was the most delicious corn we have had in years if not a few decades. All the corn we get in California is GMO, smells like dirt, and is very close to feed corn. California corn is disgusting.

    It’s hot here in Jersey as well. I thought we were going to leave the soaring temps at home. Nope. Sorry, but I think we brought the hot weather with us as we traveled east. I was so looking forward to cooler weather, but they got it at home!


    I didn’t do a #WW post this week. It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to an end soon. Your garden did a lot of growing. I love fresh veggies out of the garden! Did you grow tomatoes (my favorite)? Looks like your thermometer is in direct sunlight, is it? I think for an accurate reading it needs to be in the shade, but it was a hot summer. Things are cooling off an itzie bit here and I’m really looking forward to autumn to start, but not what follows after that. Have a good evening, Marie!


    Nice photos of your summer–frustrating when you tend a garden and it doesn’t produce (corn). Thanks for sharing at #OMHGWW!

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