Sep 242015

Players play together!!! Woo Hoo

Now is this the cutest you’ve ever seen? A real man’s boy! All ready for football daddy!!!! And his football hat looks so warm, and soft! He’s one happy baby that fella is!



Would you like 15% off any order you do?  Just go to and the code is BL15 .  Don’t forget to register if you’d like to hear about offers and give-aways!  Zubels has many different items for children to fall in love with as you can see above, but if you liked to have one they are being sold at, and they are also located on Zubels own website.

 Every Zubels character is made up of 100% hand-knitted cotton and colored with dyes. These whimsical plush has such adorable faces you’ll want to collect them all like I want too.  These adorable characters can make any child laugh, and possibly fall in love. Oh, and check this out… Zubels are hand knit and not mass produced.  A personal touch this is what I enjoy the most! Zubels is a good product for several reasons, so let me tell you what they are.  Well, yes… my grandson is one reason as in your grandsons and/or sons and nephews…

Property of XmasDolly

He’s one reason! ~hehehe~

Zubels uses 100% cotton yarn. Cotton is a natural fiber and a renewable resource.  Zubels uses low-impact dyes. They don’t contain toxic chemicals or mordants (used to help set the dye). They have a high absorption rate (which leads to less water needed during dyeing). They use low temperatures during dying (which saves energy).  Such care into their product does not go unnoticed especially with me.

Also, at Zubels website there are so many different things you can browse through and if something catches your eye you may order it too such as sweaters, booties, hats, toys, and hand rattles too!  I spent almost an hour there today myself.  What’s not to like about these cuties?  Browse around and see the different dolls that are there just waiting to be loved forever.  A keepsake that one day maybe he’ll be able to give to his son or daughter.  How fun!  Don’t forget they have little zubels too, but that was another post.  ~hehehe~  We love them and hope to get more soon.  Alex and Angelo both love them and they’re so cuddly!  Thanks for stopping by and do leave a comment and let me know what you think about our Zubels.  Which one do you like?

Little Tony XD

*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product at no cost to me for my honest opinion.

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