Oct 012015

SMART SPACE SAVER DESIGN lets you hang up to 18 items of clothing in one spot.  I mean really, how cool is this if you live in a small apartment of a dorm at college.  It is one compact space for multipurpose drying or storage.  Whoever came up with this idea is a genius therefore it had to be a woman!  bwahahahaha!

And did you know this fits all closets and is perfect for small apartments.  It also easily converts any indoor or outside patio or balcony into a drying area for tomorrow’s outfit.  Why this could be a replacement clothes dryer for the environmentally conscious consumer or if you just like the smell of good outdoor fresh air like me!  Now this is the part I like which is saving expensive electricity power costs without wasting money on cheap flimsy contraptions.  Now is that cool or what Electricity costs enough now-a-days we don’t have to feed the bill in the summer when it can be so easily dried outside or when we should be hanging delegate items up and not in dryers.  Did you know you should never put underwear or bras in the dryer because if you don’t they will last much longer if you don’t.  Dryers wreck the heck out of the elastic and you would be buying that garment a lot sooner if you use your dryer.  Also, this collapses flat when not in use for easy storage and quick non-tangle frustration free setup!  Oh my, I think I’m in love!

There is also some “TIGHT GRIP STURDY WIRE CLIPS”!  There are all-metal hanging clips grab hold of fabrics to keep clothes in place while they drip dry. One day I was drying my granddaughter’s dress and I didn’t want to put it in the dryer and I use to hang that sort of thing on a hanger with clothes pins and eventually it would start to dry and slip out of the clothes pins & be on the dusty basement cement floor, but now I have this one piece integrated spring mechanism’s tension is much stronger than my weak wooden clothes pin & it’s guaranteed not to break or fall apart. Easy to open hanging clips are perfectly spaced to efficiently maximize air flow. Stainless steel leaves no rust marks on damp clothing, no vinyl coating to peel, and can be sanitized unlike wooden clothes pegs that easily splinter.  Isn’t that special?

INTEGRATED HANGING HOOK Is as easy to use as a clothes hanger! Fits over any clothes closet or shower rod! With one hand move 18 items at once from the washing machine or sink to the drying area to your storage closet. Smooth swivel hook allows you to effortlessly rotate the rack. Easy latching safety lock prevents the hook from accidentally falling off when suspended in breezy areas or strong gusty winds. Hanging design saves valuable floor space while saving money on drying costs.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION With superior quality welding designed to last a lifetime. Built strong with stainless steel chain links to support a fully loaded rack, even when filled with wet jeans or baby cloth diapers or with your finest lingerie. Will not break, sag or stretch under the weight of wet laundry unlike plastic hangars or difficult to install retractable clothes lines. Will not fall apart, break down or disintegrate like plastic in the UV sunlight and extreme heat. Long lasting interior or exterior use.

It not only has MULTIPLE USES & NOT only for hand washed clothing that shouldn’t go in the dryer, but will store undergarments without wrinkles or damaging delicate bras, garters, nylon lingerie fabrics; sock and scarf organizer; handkerchief holder; kitchen towel rack for dish washcloths; portable travel laundry for camping, RV, sailboats. Order extras for hanging swimsuits by the pool. Prevent mildew smells from piles of wet beach towels, sweaty sports gear, spandex cycling shorts or wool winter mittens.  Oh Lord, yes!!!  After coming in from sledding there will be no more wet scarves, mittens/gloves, caps etc. on the floor and slipping right on my butt!  ~hahaha~  This has got to be the best gadget I’ve found in a long time, and that’s why I’m sharing it with you all!  ENJOY and thanks for stopping by!  

Leave a comment below and let me know how you would use yours if you had one!  Have a great day everyone!  🙂


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    This is a great idea! Such a space saver!

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