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Conventional dryer sheets and fabric softeners, unbeknownst to many people, contain harmful and harsh chemicals. Whoa!  I didn’t know that!  Did you know that? Hmmm… let’s read some more.  What do you say?

NEW ZEALAND WOOL – Authentic, genuine, & comes directly from New Zealand. No synthetic fibers that other liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets put into their products.  Hmmm…. no synthetic fibers huh!  I didn’t know they put that in there… hmmm!  CHEMICAL-FREE – Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, PVC-free and no harmful chemicals that transfer from your clothing onto your skin. Great for those who have sensitive skin and for babies who use cloth diapers!  Harmful chemicals transfer from your clothing onto your SKIN?   My grandson & granddaughter has very sensitive skin… trying to think of that condition and I’ve got total brain freeze!  Hmmm…  No wait, it’s eczema!  That’s what they had.  My daughter took really good care of her babies though and I believe they grew out of it.

This is how it came to me and I couldn’t wait to clean my comforter.

STATIC PREVENTION – Prevents static cling by not allowing your clothes to rub against each other so that your drying load comes out static free.  Oh wow, I hate that static cling stuff.  It’s so very embarrassing don’t you think so?  I do!  SHORTER DRYING TIME – With our reusable Dyer Balls you will cut your drying time by at least 25%, help your dryer last longer, and save money on your energy bill.  Oooooo Reuseable?  Mmmm I like that a lot, but the best thing is cutting down the time means saving money!!!  OH YEAH!

  •  INSTRUCTIONS & BONUS ENERGY SAVING TIPS – Your package arrives with EZ instructions for use AND bonus Energy-Saving tips for your home that we’ll send right to you. We, also, offer 24 hour customer service for all questions and comments you may have.STOP exposing your body to harsh chemicals that linger in your clothes and get into contact with your skin when you use other fabric softeners. You and your family deserve to have a healthy, care-free life. Protect your money, your time, and, most importantly, your health with our Wool Dryer Balls!  Okay, go on!  Tell me more it’s getting more interesting by the second here… but let me throw a little some-some in here.  I don’t know about you, but when I throw my comforter in the dryer it clumps!  I mean BIG… no no HUGE CLUMPS, and I tried throwing my old gym shoe in it and it helped some, but man was it L-O-U-D, LOUD!  CLUNK, CLUNK!  Anyway, I tried these dryer balls and clumps gone, and noise… G-O-N-E!  LOVE IT!

    BENEFITS:– Chemical-Free
    Conventional dryer sheets contain chemicals such as A-Terpineol (associated with central nervous system disorders), Benzyl Alcohol (an upper respiratory irritant), Camphor (listed as an EPA Hazardous Waste), and Benzyl Acetate (carcinogen linked to pancreatic cancer)

  • – Reduced drying time
    Our dryer balls will reduce your drying time significantly. By pulling and absorbing the moisture contained in the fabric with ease, you will no longer have to leave your clothes in the dryer for long.  Okay, these balls are not only more quiet then my old tennis shoe, but now you’re telling  me it reduces drying time too?  I man dang!  How has this product stay hidden?  Oh my, and now check out the rest of this!

  • – Hypoallergenic
    These are highly recommended fabric softeners for those who have sensitive skin and who want to keep their skin free from harmful chemicals. Use them on ANY fabric ranging from your newborn’s diapers to your brand new jeans.– Keeps your home quiet
    Our dryer balls are extremely quiet and in some fluffy loads you will hardly be able to hear them at all. Compared to loud and banging plastic and PVC dryer balls, there is no contest…  HAHAHA See I told you!  Here comes the quiet part! So there ya go shhhhhhhh!  These are so cool.  I’ll never get anything else ever again.  I’m also liking the idea that they’ll be fluffling my whole bundle of laundry too no matter what I happen to throw in there.  Comforters, blankets, winter jackets or coats.  Oh yeah, I’m liking this stuff already!!!

  •  -100% Money-Back Guarantee
  • If you are not entirely satisfied with the high quality and benefits of our dryer balls… If you feel they are not the softest and quietest… or even if you are not happy with the color, return it for a full, 100% refund. No Questions Asked.  SOLD TO THE LADY THAT’S JUMPING UP & DOWN MAKING A FOOL OF HERSELF, BUT HAVING A GREAT TIME!  HOW ABOUT YOU???


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    Just the thing for those who have sensitive skin and who want to keep their skin free from harmful chemicals.


    This is such a great invention! I’m sure it has been very popular!

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