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Are you exhausted from buying some cheap guitar capo that breaks or bends after using it only several times?   I know I am because my husband breaks his all the time, but this one it is still going strong!  Woo Hoo  Most times when you see someone using a guitar capo it is across all six strings.  It’s also possible to only put the capo on some of those strings thus creating open notes, for a whole new alternate tuning which has its own cool possibilities is what my husband says.

– Do you want to play your guitar without having distractions about the endurance of your capo?  My hubby says there is absolutely no distractions whatsoever!
I guess your answer to these questions above would be definitely: YES especially if you play as much as Dave does!  Therefore, let me present you OrsChoice Guitar Capo:

– Supreme quality made of lightweight powerful Zinc alloy.

– Easy to move one-handed capo, without disturbing the tone.
– Unique package design for your satisfaction.
Amazon buyers are satisfied with OrsChoice products. They do their best to provide high quality service as I see it.  Remember, if you are unsatisfied you will have your money back guaranteed per company!

Dave (my husband) is in a band, and he says he wouldn’t be without one.

And now for something totally different.  We were at band practice, and we let one of the other guitar players, Bob, try it out, and well he’s a bit shy and when he does get that way he has a tendency to laugh so come along and have a chuckle with us too.

This one was Take IV, but the best one out of all…

And here’s Take II…
Thank you for dropping by, and I hope you enjoyed my review of the ORS CAPO!

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*Disclaimer:  Opinion in this Post is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given.  I received a product sample in order to facilitate my honest review.

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    Marie, is that your husband Dave in the videos? I love his voice and he’s a hoot! You need to make some videos of him and the band playing and feature THEM on Music Moves Me! I’d definitely come to hear them play! 🙂


      OH HEAVENS NO! That is NOT Dave!!! The man in the pictures is my Dave… the man in the videos is a very good friend of ours and also in Dave’s band called, “We Ain’t Right”! May I add that they we’ll be on the main stage this Sunday playing for the Toys for Tot run here in Batavia, IL. Yes truly Bob is a hoot! I will have some videos of the band next Monday on Freebie day! Thank you my friend!


    The capo looks like it does an excellent job, and Bob did an excellent job.


    The capo looks like something every guitarist would want to buy.


    That guy is a hoot. I can see why you would laugh every time there is band practice. As for the capo, I am sure it is something Dave would never be without. I am glad you have a nice sturdy one now.


    The capo looks like a must have for ever guitar player! A great Christmas, or birthday present. An easy go to gift they would love and appreciate.


    He plays a good guitar and I can def here the difference with and without


    Wow! I was impressed! I love this and I think this is GREAT!


    This is great!! This is something every guitarist could use!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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