Oct 092015

Hello Everyone!

Bet you all know what this is… the infamous Rubiks Cube?

WRONG!  This is called, “The Cube”!

Oh boy, how I loved this when I was a kid, and there was only one person I know who has ever won at this game, and that is my granddaughter.  I wish I could give you a video of her doing it, and I just may do that in the future, but for now I would like to tell you a bit of info on this wonderful game for any age.

First of all the Rubik’s Cube is possibly the greatest gift that there ever was, and especially for a person who has everything don’t you think, and at any age.  I could remember the nurse coming over for my grandfather who had had a stroke, and she gave him a rubik’s cube to exercise his hands and his mind.  So there it’s good for your health too… that’s for sure, but as the company says this is for…


     Now this isn’t the same old cube of 30 years ago. The speed cube was designed after a generation of research to solve all those annoying foibles of the cubes you may have tried in the past. With this new one, magic puzzle and the included online solution guide, you can solve it twice as fast as you could with the original Rubik’s Cube.  Now check this out… the stickers won’t fall off, and   the colors will look sharp even if you speed cube every single day.  That is too cool.  I hate when things look old and junky lookin’!  It’s embarrassing, but I don’t have to worry with this one.  NO SQUEAKS!  LOL

ENJOY EASY TURNING AND SMOOTH PLAY – This standard cube is already super-fast without any extra tuning – exactly what you need to speed cube with the best of them – even if you’re a beginner like me LOL.  Yeah, I’m a beginner with 30 yrs. experience. bwahahaha    This cube has improved anti-pop technology that gives this Cube rugged durability like a mustache on a cowboy… right girls?  LOL   No matter how fast you’re going, it won’t jam on you or stick and it doesn’t even squeak or make a screechy sound…   you know what I mean!  Mash away without fear of the dreaded pop that could ruin your puzzle and sprain your finger as well.  Well, maybe not that drastic, but you’ll never need that messy WD40  lol

GET FASTER AND SHARPER THAN EVER, and then you can show off to your friends or hubby or even the kids…. how do you do that ma???  WOW!!  Imagine how cool you’ll feel!  Superior Corner Cutting at 43 degrees (approximately 1.5 cubies) and 3/4 a cubie reverse. The Cube’s internal corners are slightly rounded, which makes it far easier and quicker to turn.

THE ULTIMATE GIFT – Oh my gosh, with Christmas coming great stocking stuffers or silly me Halloween is almost here, and you could get a few for those special kids that come to the door!  They will love you forever… by the way where do you live… hahahaha!!!   I could get one and put one on my night stand, in the bathroom, on the end table in the living room, and one by each throne!  bwahahaha  No one falls out of love with the Rubik’s Cube. They’re always awesome for both kids and adults, and, you can take them anywhere. Need something for your kids to do in the car or on the plane?  Have an elderly family member who’s sharp as a tack and needs something to do? Need a stress reliever before the big business meeting? Speed cube to the rescue!   The ideas are endless!

No one falls out of love with the Rubik’s Cube.

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    My son can do it. 🙂


    I could never solve this puzzle.


    i never tried to solve one. dont know anyone that has.


    Those things drove me crazy!

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