Oct 162015

   All the top electronics shows so far in 2015 are including displays of a trending set of gadgets, namely wearables. One hot item that just hit the shelves, is receiving much attention in the News Media and is also popular on Social Media is the Apple Watch. But we are not here to discuss that particular wearable in-depth at all. We are here to discuss using the Apple Watch, or a number of other very small form factor wearable devices, ones that have Bluetooth, music file storage and then of course the ability to stream music over Bluetooth paired with a CoolStream Bluetooth device. Yes, anyone can Pair Apple Watch with Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers and then listen to the music they have loaded onto the Apple Watch or other similar Bluetooth wearables.

Control the music on your iPhone. Or leave your iPhone at home and listen to your favorite synced playlist right from Apple Watch using wireless Bluetooth headphones.

CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones for the walkers & runners for example I’m sure they like these headphones because I noticed when I walk my dog for example they don’t slide all over my head so I’m always having to fiddle with them. That drives me nuts & takes away & cuts in on my music time plus they sound fantastic! These CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones are comfortable leather padded speakers that fit easily over your ears and then they stay put & that’s all I care about unlike those ear buds or the cheapy kind. ewwwwwwww

CoolStream Bluetooth Stereo Speakers are perfect for your my walk with Baby as I told you, at the store or I suppose maybe a camping trip, beach, picnic or even when I’m crocheting or for you maybe some other hobby you have.  Oh, I know bet hubby would like to borrow these when he’s doing his, “Honey do list”!  Cutting the grass or chores around the house, painting, fixing the car you know odd jobs like that. The things you could use these for I’m sure are endless!  They also pair with Bluetooth devices that can stream music. They are today’s replacement for your old boom-boxes, are smaller, lighter and you will not need eight D batteries!  LOL  The CoolStream Bluetooth Stereo Speakers charge the internal Lithium-Ion battery via a standard USB connection. CoolStream is today’s tech!

Important to note is while your headphones are paired with your SmartPhone or wearable (with built in Bluetooth Phone), when the phone rings, the music stops playing and you simply push a button on the headphones to answer a call. Yes, the CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones have a built in microphone!  Is this not awesome?  I just gave myself goosebumps for heavens sake.  No being an old gramma for me.  I’m in with the in-crowd!  HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!

Take it from a band member’s wife CoolStream Rocks because I can listen to these and hear every great note while they’re practicing and playing all the wrong notes!!! bwahahahahaha  So, leave me a comment and tell me what you would use these for!  Oh, I forgot to tell you it also comes in white.  Me, I likes the black very stylish!  Oh and the battery last about 5 to 51/2 hrs.  pretty cool huh?  Coolstream ROCKS!  Have a wonderful day!

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