Oct 212015

“The 4X³ Motion is the ultimate performance pedometer”!

Ozeri 4x3motion Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology, in Black

So, let me tell you all about this perfect little machine.  First of all, it has an ultra slim design, and it fits right in your pocket.  Is that cool or what?  “The 4X³ Motion is the ultimate performance pedometer”!  It also has a new 3D Tri-Axis Sensor, Superior Accuracy in any position, counts up to 1 Million steps, tracks distance, speed and calories burned, and a 7 day memory.  What did you think I was done?  Nahhhh!  I just started.

#Ozeri 4x motion digital pedometer
 My Pedometer serves me well. Recording the steps, and telling me how many calories I’ve lost only makes me want to walk more, and lose more calories. It’s so cool. There’s so many neat things that I can do with it, but the most important to me is counting them horrible calories, but it also counts my distance, how many steps I took and so many more things I forget.. but as I said it’s too cool. I can wear it around my neck. I’ve put it in my pocket, and my sock! Oh heck, I’ve even dropped it in my bra one time because I had no where else I could put it so I would know it would be safe, and check this out it even has a better memory than mine! LOL I am one happy customer, and oh it lights up too if you have a use for that, but I don’t go walking at night. Oh, and it even has a timer. I mean what more can you ask for. I even dropped it once, and it works just fine. Also they have a five year guarantee. Just too cool. I love it. Thanks again Ozeri for I’ve always been satisfied with their products.

It has 3 recording modes!  Today, Split, and Total, blue backlight for night viewing, sports timer, clock and calendar.  A Split Screen Display for Multi-Data Views, Auto SleepMode, and (whew!) a Lithium Battery (which is included)!  HA!  TOP THAT!



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    I need to get something like this. Is this the same thing as a fitbit?


    I Like this!!! I think my oldest daughter and fiancé would love this.. well, Christmas is coming soon. Great Gift.. Psst will drop hint to husband too… Love it!

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