Oct 282015


pumpkin Chubley

Guess who this is! This is my fourth child, youngest son, Robert and me… my baby boy says HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Curious as a Cathy
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  6 Responses to “Fall is Here! WW”


    Wasn’t he a cute little critter! I am loving it here with my new little grandson and my granddaughter. My little granddaughter has been quite a stinker since we got here. She doesn’t want to take an afternoon nap anymore, and she would rather not go to bed at night either. It’s just too much fun to be with grandma and grandpa. But, she does get rather cranky in the afternoon. My arm from holding her almost all the time is pretty sore, too, but I love to tickle her, give her her bath everyday, and shower her with grandma kisses.

    My little grandson is a little darling boy. He’s only just four weeks old, but quite a little cutie himself. He is a good baby, and gives my daughter a few hours of sleep every night. I’m glad were here to help her out.

    Only a few weeks left before we head home now.


    He doesn’t look too scare to hang out with that pumpkin.


    Aww! how cute Marie heheh! I love looking through old photos, my dad and brother are Robert too 🙂

    Have a spookytastic Halloween weekend, I have my broomstick ready


    Great pic. Love it. Very cute.


    Lovely way to share from the past. great memories.
    Have a lovely fall day!


    Such a precious shot. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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