Nov 022015


DrainWig® Hair Catcher Catches Hair and Prevents Clogs





 Drain clogs due to long hair is a never ending battle until I started using the Drainwig.   I long hair, and both hubby & I are always losing hair anyway.  Me because of my medication mostly and hubby takes a shower every day before work or before he goes to bed.  We usually have to check the drain once a month and clean it out.  Ewww I hate doing that so hubby does it for me.  The amount of hair loss in our tub/shower  it was no new news to me that there was a lot of it each time.   I don’t like using harmful chemicals to unclog the drains and  I hate having to call a plumber they’re so darn expensive.  Besides when you have to dig that stuff out ewwww and the odor from old soap or whatever that odor is from…. it’s just gross to pull out slimy hair clogs.  Now, I’ve used stoppers before, but they really were a pain in my …. but as disgusting as those became due to soap scum and hair build up I figure I’m just better off using Drainwig, and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way too.

When water starts to drain slowly, the DrainWig® Hair Catcher needs to be replaced.

Keep out of reach of children. This product is not a toy. Use this product only as intended.

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