Nov 022015

Egg-Tastic™ As Easy As 1,2,3!


This is definitely, and totally cool, and a heaven sent.  I use my Egg-Tastic a lot in the morning for my husband’s breakfast before work, and he has a great omelette in 1, 2, and 3 and POOF!   TIME TO EAT!!!!  WATCH THIS!

Now as you can see below this is the way the Egg-tastic works so it’s cooked through and through!


Cooking guide chart

Now, how would you like one of these quick breakfast cooker’s??? Hmmmmmmmm???

And if you go see egg-tastic‘s page there are some free recipes AND…. an order form to order your own!  NOPE!  CAN’T HAVE MINE… SORRY!  🙂    Oh, and there’s a double offer going on and so much more!  Head on over there and get yours and one for someone on your Christmas list too!  Woo Hoo!

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