Nov 022015

Finally no more smashed screens or messy ones! Woo Hoo Hurray for GADGET GRAB! HERE GRAB THIS!!!

Lovin’ this gadget grab!  I don’t have to get food all over gadget LOL  Which is awesome especially if I’m breading something or baking.  What a mess!!!  hahaha

Can you picture it?  You baking a pie for the holidays and there’s flour everywhere now you’re reading on your Kindle and you don’t want flour or grease on it so stick it to your new “Gadget Grab”!!!  Woo Hoo  Now here’s the most fantastic thing yet.  How would you like to win one?   Wouldn’t this make a great stocking stuffer so your teenager can stick there Iphone with music on it instead of it sliding off their books and they break the machine?  Ewwwwwwwww Just enter the rafflecopter below!  LOVE IT!

good luck

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