Nov 082015


I swear how did I get along without this light before.  No more stubbing of toes… no more of a wonder where or when I’m going to sit or if I’m going to sit, and hoping I made it in the dark without stepping on the dog.  LOL

A Night Light For Your Toilet™

No more blinding midnight lights; stumbling in the dark; or aiming in the dark and making a mess! Your motion activated toilet night light is always there when you need it most.  Ahhhhh…. made it with no stumbles!
illumibowl glowbowl kohler glowing toilet night light bathroom toilet bowl night light for potty training
Personally, I love this product and when people come over all they can say is where do I get one.  What more can I tell you, but just click on the the above Illumni Bowl and order your own.  You won’t regret it… I don’t, and I’m going to save that site in case I decide I want one for the downstairs bathroom.  ~hehehe~  This night light is ideal for potty training or for the toddlers that just started going potty and may be a little afraid of the dark…. wah la… let there be light!  Woo Hoo!  For that fun gift you wanted to give that newly bride to be…. or better yet that mom-to-be!  Boy, we surely know how that is…. don’t we ladies?  hahahaha~  Gotta go!  Whoops!  Gotta go!  Look out… gotta go!  bwahahahahaha!  Been there… done that!!!
Oh yes, and one tip.  I noticed that everytime I walked passed the bathroom the light went on.  Okay now, that’s going to waste the battery and I’ll be changing every other day, so I just close the bathroom door.  There ya go just a little tip from me, and believe you me people with minor problems or even serious problems in let’s say parts on their body… like I have a bad back this  light is a blessing to me.  No more not quite making the potty and slipping or just the awkwardness of not sitting correctly.  Believe me it’s quite painful.  Do yourself a favor and get yourself a nightlight that’s ultimately cool in all colors.  🙂
Hope you enjoyed… now go out and get yours.  These are just too cool, and you’re going to wonder how did you get along without one after you get yours!

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