Nov 262015

A Zubels Holiday and Christmas promotion

Zubels Pre Xmas Sale 25% OFF  code SM25

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And…. are you ready for this?  They are washable!  Yes!  They really are and they will still look brand new.  All you have to do is…
  • Wash by hand in warm water using a gentle detergent (no bleach);
  • Roll in towel; and
  • Lay flat to dry.  It’s that simple!  Note: Rolling in the towel will remove the excess moisture and should eliminate the musty smell.For test safety results, contact zukeeper at
 Now you can’t see it too well here, but this is a Santa shirt with a Santa hat and rattle!  Isn’t that too too sweet and perfect for Christmas day?  Now if you want to get a better look at it Zubels is also on Instagram!  Woo Hoo Now don’t forget to follow them while you’re there, and of course they’re on Pinterest too and clicking follow over there will be so nice, and you’ll have all of them then!  Woo Hoo!

HEY, HEY THE GANG’S ALL HERE! Aren’t they the cutest you ever seen and they’re the best lil’ stocking stuffers ever!

… and as you can see Santa brought along his Toy Soldier and one of his reindeers too! Aren’t they just too special? What’s that you say? Oh…….. they’re called… Zubels!

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Aren’t they the cutest you have ever seen?  Oh, I said that already didn’t I…. but they are just too too cute!   Now it’s almost Christmas/winter…  now you all know me and what better person to hear it from then a Mom of four, and a NaNee of eleven and a Great-NaNee of one!!!  Am I the expert or what? bwahahahahahahahaha  hehehehehe!!!!

This doll here is my most favorite doll in the whole world. I love her too pieces.  In fact, Santa I WANT THIS ONE!!!!  PEAS PEAS PAAAALEASE!!! I’ve been a good girl all year…. HONEST!   I would love to give this one to my granddaughter she’s ten yrs. old and she hasn’t seen a daddy in a year and something like this would definitely warm her heart as it has mine!   You can see this one on their Facebook page and while you’re there please give them a BIG like.   Thank you! Shop XMAS Early use coupon code SM20 for 20% OFF  Totally cool, huh?  Love it….

These Zubels are made with fine quality and are 100% safe that they can be passed down from generation to generation!  The little red-riding hood is my favorite doll.  I’d love to get it for my daughter that she could give it to her daughter etc. etc. etc.!


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    oh these look so cute send them to me!


    Love them!! Would be so great for some of my friends grandbabies inside little stockings from me!


    Those are so adorable. I may have just found the perfect gift for my neices and nephews.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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