Jan 062016

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Successful WomanfrownGod's hand holding a baby'sHello Everyone, Sorry I missed you today, but I’ve been down with Strep Throat, Flu and everything else you can imagine when a person gets sick and I just cannot shake this illness.  Taking medicine, went to the doctor, I have Fever, sore throat, ear ache, no appetite whatsoever and tired all the time and chills one minute and sweating the next.  Yesterday, I went to the doctors, stopped and got medicine and a few things and some new DVD’s for me to stay in bed and watch.  So that’s what I’m about to do now and I’ll probably fall asleep.  Love you all thanks for stopping by and my last temp was 100.3 Gonna try and get that down… all I can pray is for a smooth recovery.  Dear Lord pull me out of this funk and don’t let it linger any further.  Amen.  All of you please take care of yourself because of what I hear this nasty bug is everywhere… I don’t care where you live.  Take your vitamins and bundle up when you go out and take care of your babies too… vitamins, hot soup and maybe a treat like hot cocoa!!!!  HUGS TO ALL! THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!Serenity Prayerpooh piglet heal Xmas Dolly

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    Get well take care of yourselve and I hope the movies are good.


    Ew..strep throat…very colorful, yet very painful. Keep up on your liquids. I find pure peppermint tea works well. Get your while, but have fun watching your movies!


    So far I’ve watched “ICE AGE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL”. I won’t let the kids watch something I haven’t see first. I’m about to watch The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock…. my favorite movie! 🙂


    Get better soon.


    Dear Marie,

    I am SO sorry you are ill! I am praying that you get better REAL soon!

    And, I am bringing you some news that will hopefully boost your mood – tidings of “good cheer”, if you will!

    CONGRATULATIONS – you are one of my TOP 5 COMMENTERS for 2015!

    I am celebrating the news at Friendship Friday today – and will be featuring you in an upcoming edition – so watch for it (and hope this news uplifts your spirit!)


    My dearest Marie, I’m sorry you’re not well. I knew something was up when you didn’t get on the dance floor with us. I got your congrats email announcing I’m the next Spotlight Dancer. I think I have a theme figured out. Watch for it to arrive in your inbox later today. Just take it easy. Get plenty of rest and keep hydrated. Sending my love and hugs to you!!


      I’d like to reply to each and every one of you, but I’m still pretty sick. Been in bed most of the time sweating it out and coughing my brains out… if I had any… hehehe…. Anyway yes I got your theme Cathy it’s been posted in my side-bar since it was received. Great idea. Hugs and to all thanks for your good wishes. HUGS


    I hope you feel better!!

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