Feb 142016

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentines Day!

You all mean so very much to me.  I hope you all got what you wished for!  You’re all wonderful people and wonderful friends.  Thank you for being you!  Be my Valentine!

I hope all is having a wonderful day.  We’re in the middle of SNOW, SNOW AND MORE SNOW, and I have strep throat and leaving me slowly!  🙁  Now ifanyone has any tips for me in how to build my immune system and build my strength please leave acomment and let me know I sure would appreciate it.  Thank you very much!   Hugs and Smooches!!!!  

Happy Valentines Day! XD



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    Hey Hon, Happy Valentine’s Day! Great cartoon.

    I just got done listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTnGI6Knw5Q It’s pretty cool, too.


    Happy Valentines sweetie! Sending you lots of get well vibes & hugs!! Don”t really have any tips other than I’ve heard that taking echineacha & golden seal for about 7 – 10 days along with C can boost your immune system. Hubby likes it, but I’ve never noticed enough, but then I forget to take the pills… take enough other garbage, LOL. Love ya! Faythe


    Happy Valentine’s Day right back at you my dear CM! I’m sorry you’re not feeling well and that stubborn strep doesn’t want to go without a fight 🙁 Hopefully things will start looking up for you soon! We’re getting hit pretty good with snow here, too. Yuck!


    feel better soon the pharmacist suggested this stuff .emergen-c its a vittamin that helps boost ur immune system


    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too dahlin
    Glad you had a lovely time with your honey.

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