Feb 162016

Is it Spring yet???

This has been going on all week! brrrrr
My Valentine’s Day! So Happy!
 Hubby asked me what I wanted for Valentine’s Day & I said I had a strong desire for steak! Well, not being quite over from strep throat I didn’t want to go out and beat the cold, traffic, crowded restaurants and high prices!  Hubby came home with 2 $10 steaks, frozen yogurt (what I asked for the other day for my throat & he forgot) a dozen roses & the most beautiful card ever…. oh and a bottle of wine!  He’s the best ever & we sure saved money by eating home & less aggravation!  Woo Hoo




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  9 Responses to “Winter is here with a vengeance! WW”


    Cold, are you cold?? I’ll gladly trade you a little warmth for a little cold. We got to 80 degrees today!! Over the weekend our Santa Rosa plum burst forth with beautiful white blossoms.

    Happy day, and I hope you guys warm up up there.


    Looks freezing nice pic though

    What a nice valentine you and hubby had I liked the photos and nice to see you getting better Marie 🙂

    Have a valentinetastic week 🙂


    Love the Valentines but not the snow so much!
    Hope you have a Happy Day!


    Looks like you had a great Valentine’s day.

    Sorry about the cold. I would trade you (just a little).


    we dont have snow here but its so cold in here as well!


    I hope you’re back to full healthy by now. Bugs have been going around for sure, even here where we’re getting mid-70’s to lower 80’s every day.


    My hubby surprised me with a steak at home too! Hope you’re feeling all better!


    Cold here in Kentucky too but this weekend it’s supposed to be in the 60s!


    What a perfect Valentines Day!

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