Feb 232016

Is it Spring yet???

It’s Tuesday night and I’m told to expect 5 to 6″ in the morning!  I don’t think I’ll get out of bed tomorrow.  I don’t want to know about it.  🙁  Instead I’ll dream about Last Saturday at hubby’s gig!!!  That will make me nice and toasty!   Wanna see?


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  7 Responses to “Winter is coming back with a vengeance!!!! WW”


    You’re going to get that much snow!! Wowsers! I wish we had snow. We are going to be 64° tomorrow and by Saturday, we’ll be 77°. Almost all of our fruit trees are in full bloom now. Oh well, I guess I have to wait until next year for snow now.


    It’s cold here but clear it’s the only time we ever see a blue sky when it’s freezing LOL

    Enjoyed hubby’s video got me head bopping heheh!

    Have a warmtastic day Marie 🙂


    uuug, I am so with you on the staying in bed because of snow. I hope it melts fast! Have a great day Marie!


    One moment it feels like spring and the next winter is back…. I can’t wait for summer



    Sadly I think we were told to expect some snow but our meteorologist said that the big storm would mostly skirt us and hit Chicago so fingers crossed that’s true! We don’t need any more snow after it all finally melted away 🙁


    In here too! Wearing my outside jacket while im commenting!

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