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“Dance Without Music” by Marie Moody

 I wrote this poem back in the early 90’s I hope you enjoy it!

Gonna dance to the tune with no music
The rhythm is between Limbo & Hell
Don’t know where I’ve been or where I am going
the rhythm is between my head & my cell.
Flimsy  fantasy within my soul?
End of Time.  End of my goal.
Gonna dance without mesmerizing music!
Can you see the magical sound that hasn’t been heard?
Hear this colorful moving picture without any words?
But yet, how does one love that has no heart?
Get a role in life that has no parts?

Floating on the rolling sea without the waves of water
Building a song without a melodious tune down
Telling the beautiful virgin and her daughter
That the still time… doesn’t tick, there is no rolling sound!
Noise with silence, the silence that thunders
War isn’t violence, and peace that wonders!
Gonna dance to the loud tune with no music
Rhythm is between Limbo and Hell
Gonna sing the song without any words
The beat is in my head and in this song I can’t sell
So I’ll dance to this tune with no music like no one is watching me,
And I listen…  to the song without any words or no melody.
Put me down if you must, the song is not about lust
Life has no meaning until we have no bounds….
Dancing… Dancing… Dancing… without sound!!!

Marie Moody

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  12 Responses to “Brrrrr Winter’s Still Here! WW”


    I liked your poem I am useless at that sort of thing well done Marie and good that you kept it after all this time

    Have a poetictastic week 🙂


    This is beautiful, Maria. Thank you for sharing. I hope the snow melts fast!


    You are very talented my dear.
    And I can feel the heart in the words.
    Very poetic!


    Marie, very nicely done. This could be song lyrics, girl friend. You should get Dave to set it to music and let the band do it. Who knows where that will lead, right? Thanks for sharing on #WW with me!


    I agree with Cathy. You need to have Dave to set this to a good tune.


    Great job! I used to write poetry and really enjoyed it. Keep it up!


    Brrrr. . . . indeed. I agree. Good thing you kept it! Hope you have a great end to your week. 🙂


    Nice! You can truly hear the tune in your head.


    Lots of winter still here too! Nice job on the poem.


    Lovely poem.

    Winter has sort of left us here.


    You need to move down south.


    Wonderful poem my friend. You need to have Dave put it to music. 😉

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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