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Our “Baby” was run over and not sure if her leg got broken or bruised or maybe it’s her hip, but we’re at wits end as to what to do.  She is pushing 15 yrs. of age… our poor baby and we’re spoiling her to the MAX!!!  We both love her so much!   More pics in the a.m. she was asleep when I posted this.  Any opinions or positive help as to what we can do for her please leave in comments… Thank you!


Now so far baby is holding her own, and walking much better with my homemade splint job… she’s back to mooching food every chance she gets, sitting next to you while you eat waiting for something to drop and barking at every noise there is… especially when the refrigerator kicks in!!! LOL We sure do luvs our “Baby”!

Now she still can’t do stairs, so she still wizzes on the porch so we’re trying to figure some way to get her off the porch and into the yard!  Any suggestions???

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  7 Responses to “Winter is Here? WW”


    Aww! soeey to hear that Marie your giving her the best of care 🙂

    Have a tanfabulous week and I hope she recovers well 🙂


    Aw, I am so sorry! What did your vet say…
    Our animals are our family and spoiling her is perfect for recovery.


    Since you didn’t post extra pictures, I assume you went to the vet with Baby. You need to update us.


    Sending positive thoughts.


    did u ever take her to the vet? I thought you said she was doing fine eating and drinking. let me know. Poor baby 🙁 hope she’s doing okay


      Yes, and no and yes… she’s doing better, but slowly… she is eating fine… the biggest problem is she’s afraid of he stairs out in front. I need a ramp or something.


    Awww sorry about this. I hope she will heal fast!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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