Mar 162016

Now so far baby is holding her own, and walking much better with my homemade splint job… she’s back to mooching food every chance she gets, sitting next to you while you eat waiting for something to drop and barking at every noise there is… especially when the refrigerator kicks in!!! LOL We sure do luvs our “Baby”!

Baby says thanks for stopping by and….

beware of dogBeware of the woman in the house too…

especially her Louieville Slugger under her side of the bed!!!

Curious as a Cathy
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  11 Responses to “Winter is Leaving? WW”


    Aww! that’s good to hear Marie she looks like she likes to pose for the camera too heheh!

    Thanks for sauntering by and not doing anything I would 🙂


    I’m glad to hear and see your sweet baby is doing better! That sign is priceless!


    Aww, what happened to her?


    Glad Baby is doing better.
    The sign is really funny.


    So happy that Baby is doing better!


    Marie, poor Baby! What happened? I hope your pup heals soon. I love the warning sign! LOL


    It’s actually been so nice here the past week that I’m afraid to even hope Spring is here for good! Usually when I do that Mother Nature hits us with another freak snow storm. LOL For now I’ll just enjoy the warmer weather until it’s safe to assume Spring is finally here 😉


    Thank goodness your baby is doing okay now. I’m glad to hear it too!


    Aww glad shes doing well! I hope that she will heal thoroughly soon!

    I am also waiting for winter to end and cant for spring!


    Baby is SO sweet and beautiful – I cannot believe that someone would hit her and not stop!
    I am glad she is safe and hope that she heals soon.
    I know how relieved you must be and I hope that you are doing okay too!


Thanks for the lovely comment!

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