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  Viisliam Deluxe 4-In-1 LED Flashlight – LED Work Light – Emergency Light & Magnetized Base – Brightest Flashlight – 100,000 Hour Life Torch Light – 35

Yes, the best flashlight in town as far as I’m concerned.  I get ready for bed… nighty, slippers and flashlight!!!  I don’t like to put the big lights on and wake the hubby, and I use my Viisliam Deluxe 4 in 1 LED Flashlight.  I also have one in my car because I like how it magnetizes to the car and it stays wherever I put it especially at night when I’m getting the groceries from the car.  Isn’t that awesome.

ViisLiam Deluxe 4-in-1 LED Flashlight.

So as you see above it has a Work Light, a Emergency Light, and a Magnetic Base.  It runs by 3 AAA Batteries where all you have to do is unscrew the Magnetic Base and insert your batteries into the pack and WAH LAH!  Just replace the pack and tighten the magnetic base and you’re all set.  hmmmmm What’s that you say?  You would like one for your very own?  Well, of course you can have one.  If you’d like one right away you can buy them at

Regular stay on light to use just like a flashlight!!!, but it also can…

My LED 4 in 1 Work Flashlight! Totally awesome! Totally bright!!!! Do you want one for your very own? ENTER BELOW…. ENTER BELOW>>>>>


Emergency Red Light!!!

  • • MAXIMUM VERSATILITY – 1st click LED flashlight, 2nd click worklight/lantern and 3rd click red LED emergency light. Magnetic base that attaches to any metal surface.
  • • LONGER LASTING – Lasts up to 50 times longer than regular incandescent flashlights.
  • • HEAVY DUTY – Military-grade aluminum construction. It won’t rust and won’t break. Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).
  • • A MUST HAVE – A safety flashlight with 35 LEDs that could be a potential lifesaver. This emergency torch is the perfect gift to give to those who mean the most to you!
  • • LIFETIME GAURANTEE – This ultra bright work flashlight comes with a 100% Manufacturer Lifetime Guarantee. You won’t get this lifetime guarantee from brands like Ingear, AYL, Linterna or Xtreme Bright.
 So the perfect tool for an emergency ANYWHERE!  Car, jogging…. just anywhere!!!   How would you like one ???   ENTER BELOW!!!  If you would like one right now just head on over to and order one now… heck order two or three for the family!!!

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Not only does it have a flashing red light in a emergency, but it also has a magnetic circular button at one end and sticks right on to your car !!! Awesome… isn’t it??? I think so!

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    Very tired today. Last night I got up every hour on the hour to head to the bathroom. I slept half the day away. I want to go to bed early tonight, but I do need to get up some posts. I finally remembered Treasure Hunt Tuesday just a half hour ago. Voted for you on the Fence.

    I did learn from the video that you can have a robot change a light for you. I’m not to hip on letting robots take over our jobs, but with the way they want to raise the minimum wage, companies are probably going to have to go to robots. They just won’t be able to afford to give us items at a reasonable price plus pay such high wage costs.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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