Mar 292016


   Oh Wow!  Here comes the Sun!  Woo Hoo!  Happy Spring!

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  11 Responses to “Happy Spring! WW”


    Didn’t I hear that you were in for some more cold weather?? We got a little chilliness ourselves here in SoCal. It’s nice getting a little cool weather after being so hot.

    I’ve been busy so I didn’t have the time to post a Wordless Wednesday again. I have the pictures, but I just can’t find the time to post and then start hopping around. That takes up so much time in the day.


    Happy Spring to you too Marie hope your feeling well and had an eggtastic Easter 🙂

    Here Comes The Sun is one of my favourite Beatles tracks always reminds me of my youth, although I am only 21 🙂


    Wild pictures!


    I love that song. Glad to hear the sun’s made an appearance. It’s raining here. 😉


    Nice shots! Here is to a beautifully sunny day!


    Marie, cool the way you have a sequence of shots! It almost looks like you pasted them together. I’m all for here comes the sun! The weather is gorgeous here thus far, but we are expecting rain tomorrow through Saturday. Oh well, you gotta have the rain for all the flowers, right?


    One of my fave songs ever! And now that I live in the UK it made more sense. Lovely photos.


    One of my favourite songs! Happy Spring to you. We do have sun here, but’s it’s still a bit chilly. That warm Spring wind has not arrived yet.


    I’ve been so skeptical that Spring is ACTUALLY here in Illinois because the last few years. I mean we had a snow storm into May last year! But it seems that Spring has sprung and is here to stay *knock on wood just to be safe*


    Keep enjoying the lovely Spring Dolly!


    Happy Spring to you. So, late, I am sorry I was gone for a couple of days.

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