Apr 012016

So here we are the first day of the A to Z Challenge of 2016, and my theme is old movies.  Our first letter is….

   and our first movie is:   Angel and the Badman

Angel and the Badman (John Wayne) (1947) – Watch Western Movies Online (Full Length)

One of John Wayne’s most mystical films, Angel and the Badman is also the first production that Wayne personally produced. The star plays a wounded outlaw who is sheltered by a Quaker family. Attracted to the family’s angelic daughter Gail Russell, the hard-bitten Wayne undergoes a slow and subtle character transformation; still, he is obsessed with killing the man (Bruce Cabot) who murdered his foster father.
Do you want to see it…..????
I want to add here that Mr. Wayne was my mother’s most favorite actor.  She would literally swoon when he was on…. ~snicker~!!!

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    I loved that movie. I haven’t seen it in ages. Did you know that Gail Russell was always drunk on the set. They had a hard time with her. Alcoholism was the reason for her short career. She was a terrific actress, too. Even though she was having problems, her performance in this movie was actually very powerful.


    I think many women from that era swooned.
    The storyline sounds familiar, but not sure if I’ve seen that one or not.


    I Love old movies and I adore John Wayne! I’ve always said that my dad reminded me of a cross between John Wayne and Charles Bronson. Tough, strong, quiet.
    I’ve never seen the movie your wrote about here but I sure will look for it on Netflix! Sounds great.

    A good start to the A-Z! Hope you’re having fun with it.

    Michele at Angels Bark


    I’m torn between Wayne’s Westerns and his military movies, like “In Harm’s Way” with Patricia Neal. One of the TV stations in Chicago (maybe WGN, I’m not sure) used to run the real oldies, the 30-minute serials, on special occasions (Thanksgiving one year). He was a good actor, a real huge presence on the screen.


    I had not heard of this one before and I thought I had seen everyone of John Wayne films.
    Good pick to start out with.

    Come by my blogs!

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