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Today’s theme is a Freebie, and I am in the A to Z challenge and I thought I might combine them today with Monday’s Music Moves Me.  Today is the  and my theme is old movies and for today I have picked  

and the tune I have picked is “As time goes by”,

 Now we have another movie called, “Calamity Jane” with Doris Day & a hit song that came from there was… “Secret Love”  Another cute tune from that movie is all about Chicago and I gotta post this one HAHAHA “Windy City”…
another movie is… Cabaret of course… and our last one is none other, but Shirley Temple in “Captain January”

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  9 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me!!!”


    Your picks were perfect for the theme and music too! I just watched Cabaret not too long ago.
    Aww and Shirley Temple, she was something else!


    I love musicals.


    Nice clips and songs I used to love Doris Day when I was a kid,

    Have a musicaltastic day Marie and remember don’t do anything I would 🙂


    Marie, fabulous theme for the #AprilA2Z challenge! Casablanca is a great movie. A few months back we got in the kick of watching old flicks and one had Doris Day featured called, That Touch of Mink. It was so wholesome and fun. I remembered watching The Doris Day show when I was young and loved listening to her sing. She had a beautiful, soft quality about her voice. What a cutie, you included Shirley Temple! That’s another childhood favorite. She was so precious on screen. Thanks for the memories. I’m running short on time today, but I’ll come back later to play catch up on your A2Z posts. Have a tunetastic day, my friend and thanks for hosting Monday’s Music Moves Me! 😉


    I knew Cabaret would be in there!


    Nice songs. I enjoyed them all.


    I love Casablanca! Believe it or not, I’ve never seen Cabaret. Calamity Jane, no. I’ve never been one for musicals but I need to check these out. Will put them in my Netflix queue if they’re available…

    Michele at Angels Bark


    Doris Day was sure cute in that movie, wasn’t she? That was always her appeal, just a little tomboyish…

    Nice choices!


    I need to really watch that Casablanca movie / show.

    Finally getting around to you Doll, which means I’ve visited everyone else.

    Thanks for the linky and the tunes.

    Hope you are doing wall my dear.

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