Apr 202016


going to die

Hi Everybody!  Here’s our 11th day of the A to Z Challenge of 2016, and my theme is old movies!   Our next letter is….

I’ve chosen “Queen Elizabeth”

Bette Davis as Queen Elizabeth I with Errol Flynn

Curious as a Cathy
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  5 Responses to “Happy Spring! WW & A to Z Challenge”


    That was a great classic movie!


    I do like Bette Davis Blanche there’s rats in the cellar LOL

    Have a tanfabulous rest of week Marie and don’t do anything I would :-)…oops pardon 🙂


    Looks like a good movie. I have never seen it unfortunately.

    Hope you are having a good week!


    There have been so many movies on Queen Elizabeth but I’ve never seen this one with Bette Davis and Errol Flynn. I bet it’s a good one.


    Love these old movies!! Davis was a powerhouse. What a legend.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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