Apr 302016

Hi Everybody!  Here’s our next letter of the A to Z Challenge of 2016, and my theme is old movies!  Our next  letter is….


I wasn’t up for Zombies ewww, so the only old movie I could find was the infamous “Zhivago (Dr.) 1965).

THEME ~ Somewhere my Love – Andy Williams

Thanks for stopping by!!! While you’re here you could follow me under “Linky Followers” I sure would appreciate it LOTS! THANKS!!


Thanks for stopping by!!!  While you’re here you could follow me under “Linky Followers”  I sure would appreciate it LOTS!  THANKS!!


  4 Responses to “A to Z Challenge is almost over! Today is “Z”!”


    I was wondering what you would have for Z this morning. The only thing that came to mind for me was Zathura, but that’s not an old movie.


    I remember Zathura! There’s also Zootopia, but it’s not old either. Well done to find an old one. And congratulations on finishing the Challenge!


    Marie, congrats for completing the A2Z challenge! I vaguely remember watching Dr. Zhivgo and I’ve sorta wanted to see it again, so with your reminder in today’s post I’m going to see if this old flick is on Netflix. Great Z prompt! 😉

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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