May 082016


Welcome aboard our 296th wk. .. Yes! “5” Years of

 “Monday’s Music Moves Me” !


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Our “SPOTLIGHT DANCER” gets the PRIVILEGE of picking the THEME for the following week that we have a theme.  We have our Spotlight Dancer for next week already so please check my sidebar for next week’s theme.  Thanks.  EVERY OTHER WEEK we have a FREEBIE! 

Drum Roll Please!   Our Spotlight Dancer is “Steve” from  Bethere2day!  Applause!



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Today’s theme is another “FREEBIE” picked from our Spotlight Dancer, Steve!  Thanks Steve-O, you’re the best!  My first tune is from a very old favorite the Four Seasons. Frankie Vali in “Let’s Hang On” Now let’s get a little more up to date with my girl Jennifer Hudson , and next is “Celebrate” Whitney Houston, & Jordin Sparks (From the Motion Picture “Sparkle”) Next up is Will Smith in Men in Black & Gettin’ Jiggy with it! my next song has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. Alicia Keys in “Fallin”!


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  8 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me!”


    Here I be! Looks like I’m a bit early this morning. I’m still hanging around. I’m using my SILs spare laptop because mine will not connect to their router. I am just keeping up to date with my email and the news right now. I have not been to Facebook for a while. This morning I am tired. I was up at 7 am – that’s 4 am really but it was just too light out for me. My granddaughter is a whirlwind and won’t stay still for a moment for a picture. My grandson – all you have to do is say his name or blow him a kiss and he gives you this big hunking grin. He is so cute – when he is not crying. I miss home, but love seeing the grandkids.


    Great songs. Love the Four Seasons and Will Smith. You have it rockin today.


    Brilliant choices Marie I remember buying that 4 Seasons Let’s Hang On on a single when I was a kid, I have a old Valli single ready for next week 🙂

    Have a tanfabulous week and thanks for your crazy comments lmao 🙂


    We sometimes forget that Will Smith was a singer before he was an actor.


    LOVE your choices, Marie! You got me dancing in my seat!

    I’m hanging in there – will be emailing you in the next few days to fill you in. Thanks for the prayers and hugs! 🙂

    Fire Away Lonely Girl with A Little More Love with Church Bells


    Marie, I love the classic sound of groups like Franki Valli & the Four Seasons. That’s when musicians were ubber talented. They didn’t need studio magic to make them sound good; they just were good. Fallin’ is one of my favorite Alicia Keys’ tracks. You sure have a lot of soul today, darling! Thanks for the rockin’ hopin’ bestest dance party on the cyberblock!


    Fun music over here Doll.
    the kids and I was just enjoying some Will Smith. I was showing them the men in black theme.

    I’m finally here, so I’ve gotten everyone so far.

    Hope you are doing well!

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